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  1. I've tried thread crocheting only a few times (I was making snowflakes) and although I liked it, I think I prefer larger guage projects, at least for now. So I think I'll give the Prym ones a try first (only the larger sizes are available anyway) since they're quite affordable, and if I ever decide to try thread a bit more seriously, I'll pick up an Etimo to try. Thanks for the reviews and suggestions ladies! It was most helpful!
  2. Oh excellent! That sounds like a good buy for sure! In fact, they're less than half the price of the ones I got from the Crochet Dude at Joann Fabrics. I will order a few in my favorite sizes and report back. And yes, I am very conscious about trying not to grasp the hook too tight. I used to be a tight knitter, but have relaxed over time, so when I started crocheting, I tried to think about how tightly I was holding the hook. I like to use an almost pencil grip though--kind of a cross between a pencil and a chopstick for me, lol. But you're right--I should still take frequent breaks.
  3. Oh, these look very nice! But it looks like they may only be available in the UK?
  4. Thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I do like the Crochet Dude one, so maybe I can get one of the Etimo Tulip ones and see if I like it better or if the Crochet Dude one is more my style.
  5. Hi! I'm fairly new to crocheting, as well as to this forum, but am not new to fiber. I've been knitting for about 2 years now, and decided to pick up crochet in November, so about 3 months ago. I started with amigurumi, since it meant small projects with quick results and had a blast. I am currently using Clover Takumi Soft Touch hooks, which is so much easier on my hand than the traditional metal ones, but I find my hands still get tired if I'm not careful to take frequent breaks. Recently I bought one ergonomic Crochet Dude aluminum hook from Joann's and I definitely like the feel of them better. I read several reviews of the Etimo Tulip Crochet Hook set (basically this set: http://www.joann.com/caron-tulip-etimo-crochet-hook-set-with-scrissors-sizes-d-e-f-g-7-h-i-j/zprd_10820470a/) and it sounds like something I would really be interested in. The problem is that Amazon and Joann are both sold out and ebay sells it for way more. Is the hype about the set worth it? Should I wait for them to come out with more? Or should I just suck it up and buy them individually (~$9 a piece), sticking to the sizes I use most often? Any and all suggestions from those more experienced than I am would be most welcome! Thanks! Eileen
  6. That's very cool! I've never thought about knitting or crocheting accessories to hold my fiber tools and accessories!
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