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  1. Sorry for the delay in reply. Lion and Hobby Lobby were the first places I looked and as far as I could tell neither had the color range I need. I won't mix yarn brands with in a project. I will look into the others more deeply but at first glance they didn't have enough range either. Anyway thanks guys.
  2. I was at Red Heart's site not too long ago and it was still Red Heart, what the heck? I can't stand Yarnspirations because they totally ruined the color selection of the Caron One Pounders when they acquired them a few years ago. I was forced to switch to Red Heart for the color selection even though it's inferior yarn for amigurumi. Now I find they snapped up Red Heart too. Please can anyone suggest a company not owed by them that has a large selection of colors for acrylic? I've had it with that company. My only requirement is if it's an overseas company they need to ship to the US.
  3. Thanks so much Granny! Found a couple to get me started.
  4. Thanks! I'm already a member of Ravelry, they are my first go to site. Unless I'm missing something there isn't a way to search for only diagram patterns and any of the patterns I've looked at are not diagrams. Hmm, wonder why they are getting so hard to find?
  5. Title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for free charted diagram amigurumi patterns with English notations to practice with before I start buying. I used to see them all the time a few years back (when I wasn't looking for them of course) but now I can only find a few obviously scanned from Japanese books or for things like granny squares and appliques. Thanks, Kittaly
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