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  1. Thanks so much Granny! Found a couple to get me started.
  2. Thanks! I'm already a member of Ravelry, they are my first go to site. Unless I'm missing something there isn't a way to search for only diagram patterns and any of the patterns I've looked at are not diagrams. Hmm, wonder why they are getting so hard to find?
  3. Title pretty much says it all, I'm looking for free charted diagram amigurumi patterns with English notations to practice with before I start buying. I used to see them all the time a few years back (when I wasn't looking for them of course) but now I can only find a few obviously scanned from Japanese books or for things like granny squares and appliques. Thanks, Kittaly
  4. Ravelery was the first place I looked for patterns. I had decided on these two. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/12-long-skirt http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/emmajeans-minty-green-skirt The green one uses Bernat, which I've used only once and found it to similar to the Caron. So basically what it sounds like is that both will stretch and I know cotton will have a tendency to shrink, so either way it sounds I'm screwed. Hmm, maybe I will just go back to my no clothing policy.
  5. So after telling myslf I would never do clothing I've suddenly become very tempted to make myself a skirt and possibly some sort of shawl. I was wondering what sort of yarns would be best. I'd want both to be wearable all year so nothing too heavy or too light. A coupl of the skirt patterns I've looked at used the Caron so soft which I'm familiaer with but only for doing amigurumi, would that fit that bill? I don't want anything that's gonna pill or wear either I'd like to be able to wear the stuff often.
  6. Kittaly


    Oh, thanks, I was just coming to edit this to say never mind, my husband will be writing me a pattern for what i need.
  7. Kittaly


    Never mind, don't need it now.
  8. Sorry folks I don't get online everyday like I used to anymore. Oh thank you Granny! Herter, I'm looking as big as I can get. And I do shop directly from the manufacture when I can unless it's from a small scale reseller because I really dislike the big box stores.
  9. Kathy, that was my reason for asking here. I wish I had a LYS. Locally the closest thing I have is Walmart heck I have to go a half hour away just to get to a craft store and at that my choices are either Michale's or AC Moore, and another half hour I have Joann's. It's just awful. I told my husband if we hit the lottery I'm going to open one. In December it will be a year since I started crocheting so I'm still kind of new to this and unfamiliar with most of the online vendors yet. And yeah I guess you're right about abut the dye never really thought of that. My husband suggested we look for organic cotton for the baby toys at least.
  10. Thank you so much for all the links! The baby toys will have not much of, if any budget because I want them to be super special. The bags however I'd go with kind of cheap since they will be nothing more then market bags. I know that mercerized cotton means it's been chemically treated would that make it off limits for baby toys. I'm not making teething toys, stuffed animals and rattles but we all know kids.
  11. Kathy, I'm making baby toys mostly, but I do intend to make a few more market bags and potholders as well.
  12. I went first to Lily's Sugar and Cream and the Peaches and Cream lines but their colors are so limited. I don't like to mix brands within a project so I need a line that has a fairly wide variety of colors. I'm mainly looking for solid colors. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.
  13. Yeah, but as I said I was hoping for this to be something I didn't need to think about too hard. As someone with dyscalculia it would mean having my husband do the math and help me write out a pattern I could just follow, which he would do in a heartbeat if asked but it's more effort then I care to put in for something I was only looking to do because I wanted to relax. If I'm going to expend that much brain power I may as well just start one of the hundreds of legitimate projects that are waiting to be done. Thanks for the help though, at least now I kind of know what would need to be done.
  14. Ugh, math *grumble grumble* The stitches are the problem then. I was trying to do two rounds of single two rounds of half double one round of single two rounds of double one round of single two rounds of triple one round of single I was looking for something that I didn't need a pattern or think too much about that I could just do to relax for a bit before bed. It was also to be a kind of test. I had wanted to see all the stitches together so I could pick out which I wanted to do for an upcoming blanket project.
  15. Yup, that's exactly what I'm doing. Thing is by round 5 it was starting to cup a little bit. Should I should have just kept going and it would have worked itself out, maybe I missed a stitch here and there? Also, does the type of stitch matter, would the process be different between single/half double/double and triple crochets because I was hoping to somehow incorporate all them somehow.
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