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  1. I am VERY disappointed that only ONE photo came through because successive photos CANCELLED each previously chosen photo!!
  2. Brand new to this forum so I hope my 4 photos came through. I made a Christmas tree angel topper sometime between the fall of 1983 and 1986... I think. I have lost my copy of the pattern. The pattern went around my small South Georgia town and several of us made them. Those who made them too have all moved away - DRAT!! The pattern was on a xeroxed paper. I never knew if this was a formal pattern or one created and self-copywritten. The angel has gold glass seed beads worked INTO the crochet, NOT added later. She is at least 10 inches tall and the skirt is ornate and has a detailed edging around the pineapple motifs. I really want to make more angels for my grand daughters and their families. I crochet pretty well but I am not practiced in recreating such a complicated pattern. I sure hope someone can help. THANK YOU!
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