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    I am a Georgia girl at heart but the great adventure of life has brought me to Quebec. Here I live with my husband and my 2 beautiful children. I also have a wonderful step-son. I am blessed beyond measure. Crochet is just the cherry on top that satisfies my artistic sweet tooth.
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    Bags, Hats, Towels, Headbands
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  1. Wow! I am so happy you guys like my new projects . Yes I turn after each row but I also keep in mind that the first round was my 'front' and I do not cut the tale so I can remember. I also do strips in multiples of 2 so I will always begin on the 'front' side. I have a couple more tricks as well. And after a few more blankets I am going to make a blog post on the way I like to do my granny squares. When I do I'll link it here to share with you guys. Thanks again!
  2. Thank you for all the kind comments! I have already started another blanket for my older son. Can't help myself
  3. I recently finished two large granny square blankets. I really had fun making these now that I have mastered my granny square technique. The blue, white and yellow one is for my daughter. The teal and beige one was for me! So rare that I make something for myself. http://www.crochetcricket.com/large-granny-square-blanket/
  4. Hello everyone, Just here to share my latest free pattern. An easy round crochet placemat. Check out my website and make your set today. Easy to customize for any occasion. Short project you can do with just one ball of cotton yarn. http://www.crochetcricket.com/round-crochet-place-setting-pattern/ Enjoy! ~Cricket~
  5. Wow thank you so much for taking the time to write out those instructions for me. I am really new at linings. I have a little bit of flannel as well if you say it is better for the baby maybe I should use this instead. Is there as much of a shrinking issue with flannel as with fleece? I really like the idea of buying a pre-made blanket and attaching it. Great insights! I really appreciate it.
  6. Hello everyone, I don't know if this falls under General crochet help but I will ask anyway. I just made a granny stripe blanket which I am very proud of. But because we live in the north and because I used 100 cotton on this blanket I really want to put a fleece backing on it. I have never done anything like this. I would be doing it by hand as well. I need to know the simplest way to do this with fleece. I have flannel as well but think that maybe fleece will be easier. Here is the blanket. Read more about this blanket on my blog post - http://crochetcricket.wordpress.co
  7. Hello everyone, Recently I finished this ocean waves baby blanket for my new nephew due this August. I am really happy about how it turned out. This is a free pattern from Red Heart Yarn. Mikey from the Crochet Crowd was doing another Crochet Afghan Challenge. I did not enter into the challenge but still wanted to try the pattern. I can only advise you to use a 5mm instead of a 5.5mm if you want the blanket a little tighter. This is what I plan to do if I make another one of these. Overall I really enjoyed this pattern. It is really simple and Mikey has some really good tutorials
  8. Thank you for all the replies. I am going to keep that granny square blanket that is leaning a little and turn it into a lovey since I didn't make it very big because of the leaning. I am going to try turning every other row on my next large granny blanket. But since this was a request from a client I decided to do a granny stripe instead for the moment and it is coming out lovely. Have a look. Tell me whatcha think. http://crochetcricket.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/modern-granny-stripe-baby-blanket/ This one is coming out super straight and I love it. I am sure I will do better next time
  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments
  10. Oh yes RoseRed I think that is what is happening. It is all leaning to the right on mine kinda making it seem off center. I have went back and double checked it and can't find a mistake. I will try turning and see how that works. Thank you everyone for the responses!
  11. Hello everyone Recently I began a large granny square blanket. Just one giant square. It isn't coming out completely square and I am wondering if that is normal or can be fixed once I finish.
  12. Here is the bag that I made this past week. I am very happy with it. see more at crochet cricket
  13. You're welcome funnymom8 =) I am so glad you like it! Feel free to message me if you have any questions about the instructions. Also I would love to see the purse when you finish. You can also see this pattern on Ravelry. Have fun!
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