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  1. Several years ago I found the prettiest crocheted owl I do t know where my pattern is ----i made a scarf and sewed an owl on each end of the scarf---does any one know where I can find a 6 inch owl----thank you. Autumn35
  2. autumn35


    Has anyone made slippers from blanket yarn?I have made about 15pair some I donated and some went to my family. They are toasty warm
  3. Hey hunnybunny20 welcome to crochetville
  4. Thank youall for ithe warm welcome
  5. Thanks a lot for the cape patterns laranie-and renieC. Now I need to decide which ones to do-------thanks again_---autumn35
  6. Does any one know where I can find a capelette for people in wheel chairs in nursing home--i need short ones so it won't get caught in the wheels_-thank you autumn35
  7. Thank you tampa doll I am doing exactly that
  8. I lost my sign in name and password and couldn't get back in. Iammmm back. Autumn35. From georgia-----
  9. Hey mssaya. I lost my password and couldn't get into crochetville_---the best pattern I have found for mary janes is from kathleen. You can google it to get the link_----i think I have made about 15 pairs of slippers from that pattern. It is real easy you can make them as small or large as you want---I use baby blanket yarn or regular blanket yarn they last longer than regular yarn I have added more rows to the top and made them into boot slippers- hope this helps
  10. He everyone----what is every one crocheting--?
  11. Crochet occasionally sew-----love doing plastic canvas----now and then a quilt
  12. Crochet occasionally sew-----love doing plastic canvas----now and then a quilt
  13. As soon as I start using my yarn I roll it into balls and clip on a bobbi pin to hold it til I am ready to crochet
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