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    I'm a big 'ol geek with ADHD, two cats and a knitting roommate.
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    Madison, WI
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    Crochet, sci-fi TV, fan fiction, good beer, collecting a yarn stash large enough I can sleep in it.
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    I work with developmentally disabled adults in their own homes.
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    Hats and motifs (they go quick! and with fingering or sport weight yarn, they don't make my head overheat *g*)
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    December 2012
  1. Williamson Street Co-op when I have the money, Copps or Hyvee in a pinch, but mostly at either Woodman's or Trader Joe's.
  2. Mostly scrap yarn, but needs a lot of one main color Flowers in the Snow afghan.
  3. I decided last December to learn how to crochet, texted my Mom to ask her which was easier to learn: wire or yarn crochet. She texted back "YARN" and I taught myself from then on using books, the interwebs and my Mom's expertise when it comes to fiber and hooks. Now I buy more yarn than her and spend more time looking at pretty patterns. I'm looking forward to visiting her and borrowing her iPad to look at the complete set of Wheldon's Practical Crochet she has, I've been eyeing it on Interweave for a while and want to test drive it. I wish I would have learned how to knit/crochet from my Grandma, she made the most amazing practical items that are still being used today. I have a pair of mittens that she knitted about 30 years ago, they're amazingly sturdy and known in our house as "The Berlin Wall of MIttens" for how tightly she made them (my Mom has a set of metal size 2 needles she knitted on and those suckers are bent from knitting worsted weight wool).
  4. Medium slow, I've had tendonitis in both wrists so I am mindful of how fast and for how long I crochet to prevent flareups. Also, some stitches make the back of my hands hurt and working into the chain tends to make my left thumb very unhappy Thumb/arm/wrist pain is a big part of why I never got into knitting. There is a very good reason I love working hats top down! A basic hat will take me 8 hours or so in fingering weight yarn, an afghan square in worsted takes me over an hour. I've never had the attention span to finish an afghan, though ;D Even at my fast snail's pace, my knitting roommate is a tad jealous of how quickly I get things done (and I'm a tad jealous at her ability to *complete* all the projects she starts! course she only has one project on the needles at a time and I'm ADD girl with *mumblety* projects going at once).
  5. Currently: my Mom's Christmas present, a scarf for my cousin's Christmas present and a scarf for me (the one for me in on hiatus until I finish up Christmas presents, plus while the pattern is gorgeous, it is really, really boring to crochet and one part of the stitch make my thumb hurt). My Mom's present will be taking a short hiatus as soon as I finish the ball of yarn I'm on, halfway done and getting a bit bored with the pattern, I need a brain break! Coming up on my hooks: finishing up presents for Canadian friends (one hat for sure and I'm trying to decide if I want to make a hat or cowl for the other person), making my Dad a hat, making a hat/scarf for a dear friend and making Christmas tree ornaments for the rest of my family.
  6. I prefer written instructions, easier for me to memorize! I do like diagrams to check my work against or if I want to work a pattern in another language.
  7. According to Edie Eckman's wonderful book "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs", one of the ways to correct cupping or ruffling is to change the hook size for one or more rounds as needed. She says to go up to curb curling and down to reduce ruffling. She lists the standard increases per round by stitch as (US terms): Single, 6 increases/round Half double, 8 increases/round Double, 12 increases/round Treble, 18 increases/round She also mentions a few things that I haven't tried such as changing the number of chain stitches, number of increases per round, change the size of the center opening, using extended versions of the stitches (to fix ruffling) and that larger special stitches like popcorn and clusters may require you to accommodate the size difference. I haven't tried these, so I can't vouch for if they work or not.
  8. fayn

    Where to buy yarn

    Knitpicks.com has a good selection of un-dyed versions of their yarns where you get more yardage for less money. Dharma Trading has a large selection, but they're not exactly cheap.
  9. Two big tubs and about 2 dresser drawers full. I need to go through and destash most of the acrylic I bought when I was learning how to crochet, then I'll have a place to put my clothes again! And have an excuse to buy more wool/wool blend yarn . I also really need to get around to finishing the afghan I started last winter, that'll clear up some space in my dresser (three strands of Homespun held together, 60-ish hdc per row, quick but deathly boring).
  10. I like keeping my hands busy, especially when I'm watching TV or listening to an audiobook. And, unlike playing games on my phone, I get something out of it at the end! I also like that it is pretty quick (my knitting roommate was a tad jealous that I finished a hat in three days where it would have taken her well over a week, neither of us are the fastest at our crafts )and I can take it with me. It also gives me an excuse to buy more yarn!
  11. Needlepoint (though nothing finished, I'm terrible at finishing things), a little bit of knitting (it became so much easier when I figured out continental style knitting), I'm just starting to dabble with dyeing yarn and silk scarves. I've really enjoyed dyeing, so much instant gratification!
  12. I'm in Madison, you? *waves hello back at everyone* The internet is a wonderful place
  13. Hello everyone! I am a total crochet newbie - I just bought my first set of hooks on Monday. I'm pretty sure that I have the chain stitch down and am now working on mastering single crochet.
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