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  1. That is just too adorable! Sally
  2. Krystal, yes, Sally I is Crochetsal. I'm glad they got there pretty fast, 6 days, gotta love it when the postal service goes smoothly! Sally
  3. I've finally uploaded a picture of the square I made (2). I call it Strawberries n Cream, and just have to get the pattern typed up so I can post it, so keep an eye on the free patterns section! The pink isn't that purple, btw! Sally
  4. Krystal, I sent two squares out on Tuesday, just haven't been online the last couple of days to let you know. I did take a pic, but still can't be on the computer too long, so haven't uploaded it. Sally
  5. Adorable, as are all your doll clothes! Sally
  6. Wow, I'm glad there are some good suggestions, and boy, will I be keeping them in mind! I have one skein that someone spilled pop on, so will be trying the nylon thing. <<I think she is just being spiteful and I am ready to kill her! I had a male cat several years ago who got into my box of pattern magazines and used them as a litterbox, even though his was clean, and available. We were on a week vacation at that time, and my brother was checking in on the animals daily. I think Scooter was just, as you said, being spiteful! Unfortunately, the top few mags were unsalvageable, bu
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