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  1. Sadly, Yahoo's sitebuilder isn't compatible with Windows 7 (I think they're pushing their site solutions so are not updating sitebuilder, but that's just my guess) and I can't update most of my pages. The one I can I tried site solutions, so it's more like a blog without the functionality of the blog I already had! and still can't do with it what I want. Anyway, it's about time I posted a free pattern. I'd crocheted some balls with eyes and sent them to my great-niece and -nephew: my great niece LOVED them. Then I thought I could do some for Christmas and came up with an everlasting snowball and a squarish lump of coal, amigurumi style. Patterns are available on my blog.
  2. He is so cute, you've done a good job on him! The pattern is still available, I'm just having a hard time with working on my site: Yahoo's sitebuilder isn't compatible with my Windows 7. Sally
  3. The square looks so pretty and wintery Cindy! I love seeing what people can do with my patterns! Sally
  4. crochetsal

    Irish Potato Person

    I love that tweed yarn, and especially love the hair on them! Sally
  5. I sometimes buy from http://herrschners.ca , they now ship from Canada. However, if the item is not in stock here, there can be a delay. I did have to wait once (2 months) but that was only once, usually I get my items quickly. There is also http://marymaxim.ca . It was trickier to find there, it didn't show up under yarns, but under pattern books (home decor then one of the Lily books) as a sidebar "you may also like"?
  6. I just kind of skimmed it, round 3 was repeats of hdc in 1 st, 2hdc in next. Rnd 4 was: hdc in 2, 2hdc in next. Rnd 5 should then be hdc in 3, 2hdc in next. Rnd 6: hdc in 4, 2hdc in next. Rnds 7-14 would be continuing on working 1 more hdc between the 2hdc in next with each round. There would be 8 more stitches on each round. Hope that helps.
  7. Thank you to those who volunteered to help test! After a long 'slump' my creative muse has returned. I've recently completed two bookmarks for a series of Hallowe'en 'Page Peekers' and would appreciate testers who can give me feedback on typos, anything unclear, etc in a timely manner. The written patterns are worked in size 10 thread, use mostly basic stitches (sl st, sc, hdc, dc, tr) with some decreases as well as a popcorn stitch (directions included) Approximate time: my second one following the directions took me a couple of hours with interruptions. Eyes: I did use wiggly eyes, and Jewel-It glue, though you can certainly use embroidery floss, 6-8mm buttons, dimensional paint... Hair on goblin: on my first model (not shown) I used cotton crochet thread and the fringe method. On the one shown, I used an eyelash yarn and again the fringe method. (directions provided). I will need 3-4 testers for this duo, and would like them to report back by June 20th with typos, wrong stitch counts, anything unclear. Pictures are not necessary so if you do not have a camera, that is not a problem. You may post pictures when complete. Beginners as well as intermediate crocheters are welcome, I will choose testers later this evening and will send patterns out by tomorrow morning. Each tester will receive both patterns. If you are interested, and can complete these in the time frame, please message me with your email address.
  8. I've just 'hearted' your husband's shop, I love the look of wood buttons and will probably be buying some soon for a new project! I'll bet your husband was pleasantly surprised that you were right that they are amazing buttons--...did he admit that, btw? He's doing great on Etsy for having been there less than 2 months!! Sally
  9. I was going to ask this same question, so decided to check first to see if it had been brought up before. I know this is an older post, with no replies, but I'm hoping in the several months since that someone has tried resin with crochet! I just 'inherited' several doiles from a co-worker who just retired and was going through his house. The doilies (along with a few bags of fabric scraps) had been passed down to his wife who did not want them. I would like to do something using some of these doilies, and it was suggested that I stiffen some into 'bowls'. Although I do like this idea, I too worry about the shape lasting and wondered about resin? It's funny, I was wondering about different projects, and quite coincidentally in a Yahoo group I belong to, two links were posted for things made using doilies! Sally
  10. My apologies! I had tried to find my posts with pictures that still linked to Village Photos, but obviously missed some! I've put the picture in here now. Sally
  11. I have Open Office that I use not only to type up my patterns, but to convert them to PDF's. With Open Office (free online-- http://www.openoffice.org ) you can insert images, make a footer to contain the title, page number, page count and other pertinent information, then when done, just 'publish to pdf'. I have used either primopdf or cutepdf, and it did work great too, and with any word processing program. Sally
  12. When Amy replied to my message last month telling me there were changes, I knew they could only be good. Thank you Amy and Donna! Sally
  13. Oh my goodness! My daughter was just saying a couple of weeks ago we should get some 'pants' for our female dog, I'll have to show her these! Sally
  14. Those are so cool! My husband bought a competitor's version, it's still sitting downstairs unused. I may just have to dig it out and play! Sally
  15. That is so cute Marilyn! Sally
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