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  1. I can't believe only 2 of us signed up!!
  2. I've been away for a couple of weeks, hope everyone had a blessed Mothers Day. We camped for 5 days at McKinney Falls in Austin, Tx. Ours boys came out for the day on MD, which was wonderful. The weather was perfect and the park was beautiful...waterfalls, wildflowers blooming, lots of hiking trails. Congrats on your beautiful bag beckyb!
  3. Thanks to all for answering. I had seen the bag posted on FB so was just curious. Since then, I've found TampaDoll's postings here on the ville.
  4. Beautiful bag! As I'm looking through April's door into the upcoming Mothers Day month of May, I have to once again share a blessing I'm so thankful for. 15 years ago my husband was given the opportunity to transfer from Georgia back home to Texas. We weren't positive we wanted to leave Georgia; it's so beautiful there and it had been our home for 12 years. However, had it not been for taking that transfer, I would have missed out being able to spend the last 6 months of my mothers life with her. When she died suddenly at age 70, without any previous indication of problems, I knew we had been brought home for that reason. I will always be thankful the Lord blessed me with that time with her before she passed.
  5. Hubby and I made a trip down to South Padre this weekend, so I took along a couple of projects. It was about an 8 hour drive from Waco, so I was able to finish a dress for my great niece and a hat for someone, haven't really decided yet.
  6. Beautiful work, Judy & Mona. Judy, I have a shawl just like the one you made, same colors!!
  7. Can I be better late than never? I just found this thread and would love to join in. I've been working on so many things lately, a lot of them for swaps. I've done two swaps here. First one was Starts with a.... and I have to tell you, that's such a fun swap! If you've never done it, give it a try! For that one, For that one, I made an owl basket, owl keychain, kitty amigurumi, and I can't remember what else. My last swap (fave color), I made a shawl and 3 scarves. Got on a roll with those scarves and just couldn't stop. For an Easter gift, I made a basket with a bunny and made a pink ruffle scarf to use instead of grass. I made a floral thread bracelet and put it on the head for garland. It turned out really cute. Those eyes are kind of freaky looking in the picture; maybe I should go with safety eyes next time, lol. I tested a pattern for a little owl and posed him in another basket I made It's a free pattern http://myshanonigans.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/little-striped-owl2.pdf. It's adorable! Here's a hat I made .http://lovestitches.blogspot.com/2011/11/pattern-crochet-hat-for-my-mom.html I've also done some jar cozies, a market bag, fridgies, booties and caps for the babies in my life (lots of great great nieces and nephews). I'm almost finished with a little dress for one of them, will post pic when I'm done. Next I am planning on making something for me (what?????)....yes, me, something I think we crocheters seldom do. THEN I will start on my Christmas list!
  8. I'm in Waco. There's 2 groups I know of and you can find them both on Ravelry or facebook. Here's the links: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/hot-spinners--weavers - this group meets twice a month, once at Panera's and once at another restaurant I can't think of at the moment. The web site says Books A Million, but it's out of date. This group is for all fiber arts including crochet, knit, spin, weave. Another Waco group is Waco Knitters but they are actually crochet & knit. Here's the link to their ravelry page http://www.ravelry.com/groups/waco-knitters They meet twice a month at South Waco library. They do a lot of knitting and crochet for preemies at our local hospitals. Check Ravelry for Austin; there's several groups on there. Here's a couple http://www.ravelry.com/groups/the-almost-friday-knitting-and-crochet-group http://www.ravelry.com/groups/round-rock-library-meet-up That should give you a good start!
  9. I have received my package from Kathy McGuire, my swap partner and new fb friend. My favorite color is blue, which is also one of the colors of the Dallas Cowboys, a team I'm always rooting for though they seldom win lately. Now, thanks to Kathy, I have a fabulous lapghan in Cowboy colors. I love it! Kathy also sent me 5 skeins of Deborah Norville sock yarn in a variegated blue and I already have a shawl planned for it. I found a blue floral Vera Bradley water bottle to take along when I'm riding my bike and a garden flag for my flower bed. She sent me my first clover hook along with some of my favorite tea and some yummy candies. Thank you, Kathy, for being such a wonderful swap partner!
  10. Thanks for satisfying my curiousity Christie! And congrats on being an official member!
  11. Okay, so I saw where someone was welcomed into the club of Official Crochet Bag Ladies. Now if someone can tell me what this is, I will be a happy camper and maybe even become one myself, lol.
  12. I'm very excited about something I found for my swap partner today in her fave color! Hope she loves it as much as I do!
  13. Going shopping today, woo-hoo! Have projects planned. =)
  14. Kathy, I take back what I said in previous post...couldn't wait, so I went ahead and emailed you. =)
  15. Hi back to you, Kathy. I'm looking forward to getting to know you. I'll wait for your email, as I'm new to this and am hoping you've done one before and will know how to get us started.
  16. Oh, I forgot to say that! I knew it was unforgettable; I love that yarn! It works up so beautifully. I most definitely will enjoy it; the colors are perfect! Thank you for making my first cv swap so special!
  17. Okay, finally figured out posting pics....so easy once you find the info. Here's my awesome package from Christie, kraftnkrazy. She went with both J & C, for my first and last name. J = J notepad that has a matching pen that stores in the hole on the upper right of pad, very cool & something I haven't seen before jars (2) of yarn - what a cute idea and I love the yarn! It's RH Boutique Unforgettable jar of hooks & needles - one can never have enough of those journal, which will also be great for keeping track of our trips jolly ranchers jelly beans look yummy! C = cool pens that match my journal and the cards for notes (Peach) Caramel Bubble Bath (Peach) Caramel Soap crocheted shawl that is absoultely knock out gorgeous! And that's not all! Last but not least, a $25 Michaels gift card!!! Wow! I am going to have so much fun with that! Thank you, Christie, you are the best!
  18. Oh, my goodness! My swap package came today and I am dong the happy dance! Christie treated me like a queen! I am trying to figure out how to post pics here, so hopefully I will have them up soon.
  19. Thank you, Tiffany! I just checked in again and will do the survey now. Hope I'm not too late!! Woo-hoo!
  20. Yay, glad you like your package Christie! I had a candle for you also, but found it a couple of days after I mailed, so apparently I forgot to put it in. Sorry!
  21. I see my package was delivered to my swap partner yesterday. This is my first swap, so I'm anxious to hear how you like it. .
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