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  1. Very festive looking. Merry Christmas to all!
  2. Its beautiful! You did a great job! I know you grandmother will love it. Every time she uses it, it will be like she is receiving a bear hug from you.
  3. Great job. Its very nice. I know your dad will love it. I know what you mean about being afraid to open the washer after you wash it... I still get the same fear after nearly 30 years of crocheting. Have never had one fall apart on me yet. But I keep my fingers crossed.
  4. Thank you. I started out planning to make the whole scarf in crocodile stitch. But didn't like it. The scarf comes out so dense that you could not possibly tie it around your neck. So, back to the drawing board... I came up with the finished product you see here.
  5. What a touching idea! The doll is beautiful! Great job!
  6. They are very pretty. Is there a pattern available somewhere?
  7. Very pretty! I love snowflakes.
  8. He's absolutely adorable! Great job. The before version looks like a Chihuahua. ;-)
  9. Very pretty. I like the colors you've chosen.
  10. I hope you'll share a photo of your afghan after you finish it. There are several really pretty blankets in that book. Enjoy!
  11. This scarf was so much fun to create. I am just in love with the crocodile stitch! It just makes everything you put it on more fun!
  12. I used a G hook and Caron Simply Soft yarn for the orange (Persimmon) blanket. I don't remember the yarn used for the green and black blanket. But I know it was a 4 ply (worsted weight) yarn. The blanket comes out so plush, almost as if it is double thickness. Thanks for all your kind words!
  13. Thank you! As I remember, the pattern called for adding fringe. But I don't like fringe on the blankets I sell. It doesn't wash well. Here is the same blanket I made as a custom order for a newly wed couple. I made it fit a queen size bed and used two colors. The grooms favorite color (Black) and the brides favorite color (Lime Green).
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