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  1. Didn't know what to do with it so I didn't buy much. Now iso more.
  2. We have been running around the country this spring and just now got to post a THANK YOU to MandyMae for sending me 3 lovely granny squares for the May Free For All. I would love to post photos but I don't know how. Maybe some day I will learn how. Thanks again Mandy.......
  3. cshort and abbynormal.....expect some squares soon. I sent them out on Tuesday.
  4. So many patterns and so little time. I have been collecting patterns for many, many years and this past weekend I found a lot (several hundred, literally) that I forgot about. I want to do them all but it's hard enough trying to get squares done to send out to you folk. I take care of one of my grandchildren and each time I pick up a hook she is in my lap. I also feel bad that I don't interact with you all and get to know each of you better, but alas, I'm not a "chatter" and for me to even check my email is harder to do than pulling hens teeth. I'm very happy to be able to have a group that I can make squares for and if I am not working on a project, I am making squares for one of you. Enjoy the day.
  5. KatyAllen8090, you posted on June 15, 2012, Post#451, that when you clicked on a link from the list of what folks want from the main page, it will take you to the PAGE that the post is on. Am I doing something wrong. It takes me back to the main page. I am capable of finding my way to the page that the post is on, however, being that I am spoiled to doing things the simplest way possible, if there is an easier way, I want to know.
  6. Thank You KatieAllen for the lovely squares you sent. Sorry I have not been active lately. We just returned from a Bluegrass Cruise and it was fun...if you like bluegrass music that is. I did a little crocheting while we were gone but only got to work on Daisies that I hope to make squares around. In my spare time I am babysitting one of my 16 grandchildren and spending the day with my 87 y/o dad. I do both of those things every day so I have to steel time to crochet in the evenings when my husband wants me to spend time with him. Ms. CShort....if will be getting you some squares out soon and I hope to find time to make more to send out to others on the list. I thought since I retired I would have all the time in the world to do the things I like to do, but it seems I am busier now, especially with my dad, since my mother passed away nearly 2 years ago. Thanks again KatieAllen
  7. Lil_moma, I am finally getting your squares in the mail tomorrow. Sorry they are late. My weeks are really busy with taking care of my dad, babysitting my granddaughter then coming home to start all over.....and on weekends my husband wants me all to himself. I managed to get you two squares made and promise to put them in the mail tomorrow.
  8. Came across this link on Memory Blankets for CT families facebook page. Free Granny Square patterns in Drop Box. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oc8cqokyugzpaib/kBgE_at0lh
  9. A big Texas Welcome Rose. Enjoy your stay.
  10. Braxxi - Thanks for the info about the free downloads from Amazon.
  11. Y'all do such awesome things, I'm ashamed to post any of my stuff. You would think after 51 years of crochetting that I would be a pro but I think of myself as a beginner compared to the wonderful things I see all of you do.
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