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    -occupational therapist at a nursing and rehab center
    -volunteer with a dog rescue group by fostering puppies until they find their 'furever' homes
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  1. Started my first afghan project tonight... Found a link to the pattern somewhere on here and fell in love. Took an hour and a half to do the first flower, so in about 5 years it will be ready!!!
  2. I'm an occupational therapist, hands and hobbies are part of my job!! Normally I would say 'use something bigger' that is easier to handle but that's not really an option. Needles are tough to manipulate, even for someone who doesn't have pain. Maybe try using a small pair of needle-nose pliars to grasp the needle instead of your hands. Will be clumsy at first but may save your hands in the long run.
  3. These are fantastic!! I work in a nursing home and these look like they would be perfect for some of my patients who spend much of their time in a wheel chair. Thanks for the pattern!
  4. Looks like the same problem I had (a fellow self-taught beginner). I was doing slip stitches instead of SC!
  5. This might just work for me!! I'm in love with the color and hate the thought of returning the yarn!
  6. Thanks for the help!! I love the color so much that I hate to wait but I know if I want something good to come of it I should wait!
  7. Hi All! I found some bulky weight (Lion Brand Homespun, if it helps) in a beautiful variegated teal color that I cannot seem to be able to work with. I had been trying with a K hook (as a 'noob' I only have a K and a G hook right now) and make the loosest possible chain I can. I get my first row started ok, but when it comes to doing the second I seem to lose all the stitches and end up with too many or too few.... I have such a hard time figuring out what is a stitch and what is just the ripple in the yarn!! Does anyone have any tips/tricks for working with this type of yarn?? I a
  8. Needed to share my first finished project ever!!! Fell in love with this yarn when I found it in the clearance bin and was surprised how easy it was to work with (for a beginner!). I just wish I had more to make the scarf a little longer/add fringe, but still love it just the same! Pardon the flash - even with good light it was tough to get pictures that do the colors justice!
  9. Thank you everyone! It's nice to hear from people who know what they are looking at (my husband just looks at me like I'm nuts!!). The yarn is Lily Sugar'n Cream in grape - I made the rookie mistake of buying yarn before I had any idea what I was doing, so I am hoping the one skein I have will be enough to finish the scarf!!
  10. So, my original first project, a scarf, proved to be a little above my current beginner status (for the life I me I couldn't manage to count the chains correctly to make the foundation row!) so I started a project that seems easier to manage.... a different scarf! I obviously need to work on my tension (hence the indent in the middle) but I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing the first section over the course of 3 nights. Now to tackle the next 10-13 sections!!!
  11. Thank you!!!!! It makes so much more sense now! I had thought that's what it meant but when I was doing it, it just didn't seem right... guess I should have trusted my gut!
  12. The pattern is in "The Easy Learn to Crochet in Just One Day" book I bought to learn. Row 1 is: Ch 20; sc in 2nd ch from hook; *ch2, sk next 2, sc in next ch, rep from * across, turn (6 ch-2 sps) Row 2: Ch 4, [3 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 1] 6 times; dc in last sc, turn I'm thinking that I'm not quite ready for the "easy" level patterns that the book comes with!!
  13. So I started working on my very first crochet project last night (a scarf) and after 3 or 4 tries finally got Row 1 done right. Got to Row 2 and came to a screeching halt because I have no idea how to do what the pattern calls for.... [3 dc in next ch-2 sp, ch 1] I got the '3 double crochet in next chain' but the '2 spaces' is where I get lost! Of course the book I am using for both the pattern and to teach myself crochet doesn't explain spaces!! Spaces are also called for in the following row and I'm starting to wonder if I bit off more than I can chew.... Any explanation/
  14. Thanks everyone!! Between the books I bought and youtube, I think I am off to a pretty good start. Picked up supplies for my first official project today and can't wait to get started! Posted from Crochetville.org App for Android
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