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  1. you are welcome!! You can probably use a light weight silky yarn too for a scarf that's not too warm!! Post you pics here if you make any. I really like the ruffle edging on mine -- it looks more feminine to me. Happy crocheting!
  2. I found it here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/chunky-floral-lace-scarf I changed the edging to be more ruffly-- 1 dc, ch2, 1dc in same st. Repeat, then 1dc, ch2, 1dc, ch2, 1dc all in next stitch. Have fun!!
  3. Here are some scarves that I made recently. Some them are my own pattern.
  4. Very cute -- looks warm too!
  5. Great design idea. I like unique and interesting patterns -- ones that look boutique!
  6. Gorgeous!! You did a great job lining it. I love the flower and colors!
  7. What I have done in the past is take the fabric and lie it down right sides facing. Then lay the finished purse on top and trace about 1/2" or so seam allowance around the purse. You can use interfacing too -- just make it the same size and shape as the fabric piece. Then put it around the fabric piece so that it is touching the wrong side of the fabric. Then I use the sewing machine to stitch up the sides and fold down the top 1/4" twice, press, and sew. then I put the liner inside the bag and hand stitch it with an invisible seam all the way around.
  8. This yarn would be great from my crochet and knitting charity group!
  9. Here is the photo from the pattern. Hope it helps.
  10. :manyhearthttp://www.lulu.com/product/file-download/have-a-heart-hat-crochet-pattern/1946438?productTrackingContext=search_results/search_shelf/center/1
  11. Welcome! I'm from Southern MD too! St. Marys
  12. I've made that before in heather gray. It's lovely. I thought about using two stands of wool together and felt it! I think the texture would be great!
  13. How about mixing it with a thick chenille and make the one ball one hour bag? http://www.lulu.com/content/1497410
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