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    A 21-year old with a knack for arts and crafts. Visual arts has been my forte but crocheting - my recent passion. Still an amateur but is open to improvements along the crochet journey.

    I happen to me an anime/game enthusiast too. Feel free to message me about 'em, and I'd gladly reply
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    crochet, drawing, gaming, anime
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    amigurumi, scarves, hats
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  1. Thank you guys! I appreciate the warm cheers ^^
  2. Before I say anything about the afghan, I wanna commend all the crocheters out there who tackle afghans and blankets alike, devoting every inch and second to finishing their work - you guys are awesome, seriously. Afghans are a very laborious work, and you guys have my respect. Since this is my first time making an afghan, I wanted to experiment on a ripple pattern. I made this specially for my grandma who has little to zero tolerance on the cold winter season. Coincidentally, this will also go as a Christmas present AND birthday gift for her. It took me 2.5-3 weeks to finish. I hope that you guys can give me tips on how to further improve my work should there be any noticeable mistakes in there. Thanks for looking!
  3. The googly eyes are directly glued to the fabric. I used Aleene's Tacky Glue so that they don't come off. I also used specifically big eyes for the froggie so the kid(s) wouldn't be able to pick them off as I double-secured the backing with glue And thank you guys for the comments! I plan to make more of ever the mom of the kids like my work (and hopefully she does!)
  4. My older sister recently asked me a favor to make baby/toddler hats for the two kids she's babysitting so I said, why not? I've never really ventured on crochet hats until today and I must say that I'm proud of what I made. The base pattern I got from "Repeat Crafter Me" in one of her owl hat patterns. Then I did a makeshift monkey ears and frog eyelids with googly eyes attached. By the way, the monkey hat is chocolate brown. The contrast must have darkened when I took the picture. Ah well
  5. Thank you guys for the like!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay here Wish I could crochet blankets like you. I've only done amigurumis/crochet dolls so far...
  7. Thank you for the likes guys
  8. Emethyst


    That's cute. I like the shape of the head and body.
  9. Another weeks-old work, this rabbit came from an inspiration from a fellow crocheter, AmiguruMEI, and her take on a Korean rabbit mascot called "Molang the Fat Rabbit". Although I referenced from her free pattern, I changed the size of my Molang to two-three folds of hers - ranging into 5-6 inches tall and 4-5.5 inches wide including arms), and gave mine a different set of ears. Overall, this is a huggable plushie for little kids :3 P.S. Excuse the poor lighting in the room ^^;
  10. This is one of the nicest horse amigurumis I've ever seen. It looks really polished
  11. Thank you guys! I plan to make more brothers and sisters for Chippy in various colors when I have the resources
  12. Wow. That's a lot of work poured in there. I especially love the use of the crocodile stitch
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