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  1. So sorry to hear of your loss.
  2. She's beautiful inside and out! I just got through reading the original thread and got such a kick out of it. Y'all have a happy Mother's Day.
  3. I only crochet or knit for people upon request. If they ask me, pick out their colors, and we come to agreement on the general pattern, I'll do it. It takes too much time to handmake gifts to have that much work go unappreciated. My husband's family almost loaded me down with requests a year ago--I've done hats and afghans for most of them! My MIL displays the dishcloths and the RR afghan I've made her, as does my mother. My DH and DS just wanted plain double-crochet ghans in the colors of their choice, and they both use the heck out of theirs. Bottom line, I know these things aren't everyone's idea of a good gift, and I can't assume someone likes them just because I put time into them. So choose carefully those you make gifts for.
  4. I feel your pain! I'm a pattern/book junkie but can't decide either.
  5. In this tight economy and with competition from big stores, these LYSs need to be as inclusive as they can. The attitude in that store is not only rude, but will result in financial loss if they alienate possibly half of their potential customer base. Not only are the snobby types rude, they're also not very bright.
  6. I tried to crochet an afghan for my niece by Christmas 2008 but did not make it. So I had to punt and get her something else, and the ghan is now ready for her 9th bday in February. Sometimes you don't make deadlines, and that's OK. This is a hobby. People realize you have to work and do other things, they'll understand.
  7. I've declared a moratorium on impulse yarn buying. Now I only buy with a project in mind, and I'm behind on requested projects. So I shouldn't need any more for awhile. Also, I have a pretty huge stash taking up room in my closet. If I run out of something to do, I will use that to make some scrapghans or something.
  8. I agree with Homekeepinggran--just fess up to being nervous. People will make you feel at ease, and once you start sharing crochet with them, you will be out of that shell in no time! I used to be painfully shy, but eventually had to learn to communicate with project teams and give presentations for work. If I can do it, anyone can. I figured out some time ago that almost everyone is nervous or scared or self-conscious and that it's OK to not be perfect when I speak, either one-on-one, or to a group. I'll never be a motivational speaker or run for office, but I'm not as afraid as I used to be (still get a little nervous though). You'll do just fine!
  9. I wish I could crochet without purpose, but lately I've been backlogged with requests. In years past, I sometimes did dishcloths for no reason.
  10. Good advice given already, and I agree. Whip up a baby blanket in a gender-neutral color, which won't take long, and you'll have it. If, heaven forbid, they lose this baby, you can gift someone else with the blanket.
  11. If that's not community service, then I don't know what is! Providing warmth for people in need should definitely count.
  12. The wearables I tried to make gave me cases of remorse. I crocheted a sweater, and I knitted one, neither of which turned out well. I threw them out. I'm now making an afghan I'm not crazy about, but at least it's not going to be a monumental disaster!
  13. I love to make dishcloths because (1) I love to work with cotton, (2) they're quick, and (3) I can practice a new stitch. I use the ones I make and have given some as gifts. I've been on afghans lately because they've been requested, and I like to make things for others. I like to make scarves and caps, but here in Mississippi, we don't need them that much. It's been cold this past week, but it doesn't last long here.
  14. I use whatever the person for whom I'm crocheting the item requests. My BIL wanted a red and black afghan (the colors of his old high school). My niece wanted a pink afghan, which I just finished. SIL wanted sage green placemats for Christmas. My DH now wants a red cap, which I will do shortly, and my MIL wants a red cell phone cozy, so I guess red is winning at the moment. The colors in my stash are muted earth tones mostly, with some autumn red thrown in there, which are the colors I like to wear. My house walls are warm tones also, so I guess I buy what I think might look good around here, even though I don't seem to making anything for myself these days!
  15. I've done hats and scarves, as well as dishcloths, for gifts. I haven't tried a purse, but the others are right--you have the skills to do it.
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