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  1. yeah i originally posted 4 days ago..... thanks! still hopeful. :-)
  2. Hello everyone! I began exploring crochet and knitting a little over a year ago, on a quest to find a "hobby," when I had realized how many hours, days, weeks, months....I had spent [wasated] on farmville/cityville/etc. Crochet seemed like a great start, since it's repetative (which clearly appeals to me: hence farmville), and doesn't take up much space, or require a lot of start-up...... After attempting to make a scarf without much instruction, I somehow figured to look up YouTube videos on crochet, and getting started. For my birthday, my fiance got me a few hooks, some
  3. I have a question for anyone familiar with this pattern book: Number 10, "Brown Cow," and I can't understand how to put this one together. I checked my page numbers, and I'm not missing any..... I've also completed Pink Roses, and Lavendar One Square from the same book, without any issue..... Anyone have some insight on what I'm missing with brown cow? Thanks so much! Robby
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