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  1. I'm working on the Trinity stitch right now and was wondering where the name for it came from. You pull through the four loops on your hook... Is it "Trinity" because you pull up 3 loops, and the 4th is already on the hook? I don't know why, but this has been bothering me.
  2. I did this early this morning around 1 or so. I took a break from my afghan to see what I could create... I'm not sure what this will turn into, but I had a lot of fun seeing where the yarn took me! http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e214/ihearttigerpaws/Crochet/DSCN0359.jpg
  3. Thanks, yarnaholic! I didn't know that booklet has pictures for both right-and-left-handers. I think I'll just take all suggestions and see what works best. She's a new grandmother, so she's really excited and willing to work hard to learn how to crochet. Thanks everyone!
  4. I'm planning on teaching a friend of mine to crochet this August. The problem is... I'm right handed and she's left handed. What's the best way for me to teach her? should I just show her how to hold the hook, show her the process, and expect her to just do the same thing with her left hand? or, should I sit in front of her and have her mirror what I do? I'm so confused, I don't know what will work! Help!!!
  5. I want to join! I've done the first five squares already, trying to to a square every day or to, whatever I'm able to do in the time I have to do it. From the posts I've just read, I'm guessing any time is a fine time to join! I'm also glad to know that people are here to help with techniques if I get stuck on a new one.
  6. Which one is the best to go with? I'm looking for a free Blog host site that lets me have lots of great features. What does everyone recommend?
  7. That makes it official, I'm a hoarder, guilty as charged!
  8. Where do you keep your hooks? in 2 hook cases. One is for hooks I purchased, another is for my grandmother's antique aluminum and steel hooks that I got when she passed 2 years ago Do you block stuff? yes! maybe not a whole piece, but a troublesome spot that I stitched correctly and it still came out funny. I block especially if the item is to be given as a gift, just as a precaution. Do you dream "in crochet"? Not often, but it's happened. Usually I dream I'm working on my current project. I woke up one morning still half asleep, thinking I had finished one. That was dissappointing. Biggest think you ever crocheted? Smallest? Biggest - my afghans are usually about the same size, and they're the biggest. Smallest- baby booties Where do you keep your WIPs? In my closet along with the rest of my yarn. Do you make things for yourself? All the time! I do make things for people as gifts, and I make things to sell, but I never want to be completely selfless. If I see a pattern I adore, chances are eventually I'll make it for me.
  9. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Answer these questions: First thing you ever crocheted? A Mile-A-Minute afghan(ambitious, I know, for one who had never, ever even touched a hook) Strangest place you have crocheted? at work during the kid's naptime. Strange because it's dark in the room, so I have to hover in the stream of light coming from the window on the door Fave thing to make? Afghans :-) I just love to cuddle in them, and everyone loves to get them Do you do charity stuff? If so, what? I do Project Linus stuff, I've crocheted blankets for troops, and I crochet baby blankets for our women's shelter Fave yarn? Coats & Clarke Fave hook? Size? Boye or Bates? Aluminum Boye I-Hook Hardest thing you ever crocheted? a poncho for my sister. One of my first projects. I think I just made it harder than it was, somehow Is there anything about crochet that completely stumps you? I'll never figure out how increasing and decreasing actually creates ripples in ripple afghans. When you first start out making a ripple afghan, it looks like it's going to be a twisted, jumbled mess, yet as you continue working it all comes out beautifully.
  10. I ended up on someone's blog (I don't know who) and saw a link to this site. I've been lurking for a while, and just joined yesterday!
  11. I have to make all the squares first. I typically make them and then layer the squares according to their order with post-its to mark the beginning of a new row. They don't stay on well, but they stay between the squares so I see where to begin the new row. Artemis, don't worry. I made the same mistake on my first Granny square afghan!
  12. In winter - Sally Hanson's 18-hour Hand Recovery. It's in an orange bottle. I put it on in the morning and it coats the hand like a glove and keeps the moisture in, not coming off even after washing. Spring, summer, fall - just to keep my hands extra moisturized, I use Vaseline Intensive Care Hand & Nail cream. Works great!
  13. I have to have my hook case, stitch markers, measuring tape, and a knitting stitch counter. I don't have time to count my stitches, but I use it to count my rows. This works great mainly for specialty projects like handbags or stuffed animals.
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