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    Norma Guerra
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    Fun, creative and silly at times.
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    Kingsville, Texas
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    Crocheting,cross-stitching,reading,Astros Baseball,and meeting new people.
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    bags, potholders, afghans, and want to learn to crochet adult socks/booties
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    umm, maybe since 1995
  1. Thanks everyone! I found Dot's patterns!
  2. I found Dot's patterns! yay!
  3. It's been a while. Where are Dot's wonderful patterns?
  4. Hi eveyone! Where's Dot's pattern's??
  5. Thanks for the beautiful pattern! It's lovely and bright!
  6. 2goofy

    Yarn Cutter

    I got mine at Michaels
  7. 2goofy

    Kitty Tote

    oh, I like it! Want to try that stitch, but I'm a little intimidated. Is it difficult?
  8. Crocheting is like therapy to me both phycial and mental/emotional. But it's so calming and fun!
  9. what about using Glow in the dark paint on our regular hooks....think that would work?
  10. I use empty Crystal Lite container and toothbrush travel tubes
  11. That's so pretty! I've been looking for a spiral pattern.
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