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  1. Beautiful! Makes me want to snuggle up and take a nap
  2. Mellany

    70's Afghan

    I had a bunch of my momma's yarns she had left when she passed away in 2000; I was saving for something special. Well I came across this pattern and thought it was a great one I could feel wrapped up in my momma's love on the day's I'm really missin her. I'm adding pictures of the yarn labels notice the price tags.
  3. I'm lookin for a free pattern for a Donegal or golfers hat for my 2 year old grandson. Can any of ya'll help me out? T.I.A. Mel
  4. Hello all, I'm looking for a free pattern for a Donegal cap ( golf cap) for a 2 year old. I have only found one and after messing up and ripping it out (to many times to count) I gave up on that pattern. I guess you could say I'm new to crocheting I mainly only make afghans or blankets. TIA Mellany
  5. Thanks guys for the leads, the one i'm lookin for is most like crs5's kit she bought but the beard on Momma's was flat, maybe she just did her own thing and there is no pattern out there thanks anyways ya'll for lookin and tryin to help. Thanks for the welcome's as well.
  6. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
  7. Oh that looks big, I'm sorry I guess I should of said like an ornament size you hang on a tree or wear on your coat, but thanks for lookin for me and the warm welcome.
  8. Hi my name is Mellany (southern spellin, & named after the movie Gone with the Wind) I am Momma to 3 children and Granny to 2 & 1/2 :grandma grandchildren. I've Been married 28 years (to the same man ) I am just learnin to crochet. My Momma crocheted all her life and could do it with her eyes closed with no mistakes,& she didn't need a pattern most of the time. Thanks for allowin me to join your group I'm excited to make new friends and to learn from y'all.
  9. Hi I'm Mellany and I'm lookin for a free pattern of a Santa face, my Momma used to make them and I'd love to give it a try. Thanks Mel
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