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  1. Ooooh, a nearby crocheter!! Hi! It's hard to find fellow crafters around these parts. Do you know of any crafting or crocheting groups around us?? Maybe we could start one!
  2. I'm up in a far north suburb of Chicago and would LOVE to meet with other Crocheters a couple times a month! If you're in my area, please gimme a shout!
  3. Yay! I'm new here too and enjoy smaller projects, as well. We are not too far from each other, I'm just below the IL border!
  4. Okay, not really Chicago. A suburb, more or less. Is called Volo and it's tiny so you've never heard of it. Chicago is far more recognizable. Hi! I'm Wendy and I used to be a part of this forum a few years back. Got prego, lost all interest in crochet.....regained interest in crochet and now I'm back. I have been taking custom orders from friends for awhile now and it's great fun! Would like to get my etsy page stocked up too, but the orders just keep rollin' in so that's my gig for now. A tiny bit more about me: I'm 38, married, one daughter who just turned six, I love Jesus more than anything, also enjoy cooking, photography and fitness. I miss having that one special "BFF" kind of friend - a true kindred spirit who understands my goofiness and has a fair bit of her own. I'll get a profile photo up shortly. Can't do it from this here iPad. Thanks for reading - I'm excited to hang out here!
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