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  1. This would mean to alternate sc and inc all the way around. When stitches are isolated in parentheses the next direction (i.e. around, x times) includes all of the stitches.
  2. Hello from Denver, Colorado!
  3. That's a nice afghan and I agree, perfect for a beach house - I've bookmarked it for later - Is there a specific issue you are having? I read through the directions (don't have a hook with me) and while it does look complicated and confusing initially, I think once you got through the first bit, it would flow.
  4. Thanks for all the reassurances - I knew I couldn't be the only one!
  5. So, I'm sitting here happily crocheting an Aran afghan , DH says it looks complicated, and I tell him "delightfully so" , he asks who it's for, I tell him it's for his sister for Christmas - - he looks at me like I've forgotten what month it is - - I remind him that I prefer to do my afghans in winter and work with thread in the summer - he, very skeptically, agrees - Please assure me that I am not that odd - Has anyone else started something for next Christmas?
  6. What a cute/clever idea - I just use the old Quaker Oats tin (with a hole in the top) I inherited from DH's grandmother, but could find an opportunity for one of those . . . .
  7. I agree with RoseRed & KeepsakeKrochet, make the blanket large enough to give the baby good use out of it. As for what to charge - check out what blankets of that size go for in the market place, check out Esty, Ebay, etc. and make sure you have an agreement on the price before you begin. Remember, unless you make yourself one, you are not a charity.
  8. My standard joining method is to slip stitch ch1, slip stitch ch1, etc. The ch1 gives it a bit of "give" and minimizes the "ridge" effect. I use it for anything where the join is not a part of the pattern. I'm sure it has a name but I don't know it.
  9. Crocus58

    Pattern help

    Without more information it is really hard to help. What pattern are you making? Can you post a photo or something?
  10. Oooooo - Very pretty - Thanks for finishing it and posting
  11. - good one - and sorry forgot my manners - Welcome to the Ville:welcome
  12. If you belong to Ravelry - search Misers Purse - I got over 20 pictures just now.
  13. Crocus58


    Darski - I believe you - yarn like this can look very cute on the finished item and I am very happy you were able to obtain a viable name - I was about to go on the hunt for a name if nothing had come up by now.
  14. Can you post a photo of a hat in question? It is easier to help if we have a visual of the problem. Crocheting in both top loops would make a firmer stitch, not a longer one, which I assume is your question as your hats are too short. It's possible that you crochet tightly, which would affect the height of the stitch. You could try going up a hook size, or drawing the stitch "up" a bit (crocheting looser).
  15. Crocus58

    Indian Afghan

    Love that staggered ripple and great choice of colors! you've got a couple of keepers
  16. Just let him buy a snowmobile today - I think he will see it your way for a few weeks.
  17. Annies Attic has a pattern book - and I'm not sure but I think I saw one at Maggies Crochetalso - if you are still looking
  18. Ooooh I want to make this for the 3 grandsons, but I'm afraid the boys (DS's) won't like them
  19. That is one beautiful pattern though - All of my gift cards this Christmas are for Joann's (and I just spent $50 on pattern books earlier today) but I think I can get DH to approve of this one
  20. I really like that square - isn't it awesome the way squares create other patterns when joined? Great job!
  21. I'd never tried that before, but I like the look - thanks for posting, now I have a new stitch to try - always a good thing
  22. I love pineapples - that is beautiful -
  23. What a great Christmas Doily - reminds me of an evergreen forest in the snow
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