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  1. I found one skein of Caron SS White 9701 (though it says No Dye Lot) there is a # like H97003 and the date 4/9/12, one full skein-6 oz if you want it.
  2. Please let me know if you need more squares-I'd like to help if you do!
  3. Hello from Kingwood-a near neighbor!! This is a great place for learning for sure!
  4. The pattern I did like that was called Lemon Lime Peek-A-Boo Ripple, by Roseanna Beck for AllFreeCrochetAfghanPatterns.
  5. Hello and welcome from the Houston 'burbs!
  6. Thank you all so much!! I have several in mind now to choose from!! The girls will be thrilled!
  7. Their mom has requested hats/scarves etc for Christmas. I see some patterns online but some cost $, and I'd like a free pattern that someone else has made that isn't too hard. Thank you in advance!!
  8. mamamiaow

    Chemo Caps

    I like Bev's Country Cottage also for patterns.
  9. Thank you all so much for the patterns and especially the helpful hints. When someone has made something and has info to pass on, I really appreciate the inside tips!
  10. I'm looking for an easy Jacob's Ladder pattern. I don't think I even want to change colors, just use the same one. Does anyone have this pattern or know where I can get it free?? Thanks!
  11. I have been taking even the smallest of leftovers of yarn, and making "magic balls" (joining them together in large balls). Then I either pair one ball w/a solid like black or white and make mats for the animal shelter , using a larger hook (I use an L), with the doubled yarn, or use the magic ball and an I hook and make a blanket or a "Joseph's Coat" prayer shawl for church.
  12. Welcome from Texas!! My Grandma came from Poland many years ago--I still remember all the wonderful foods she cooked (on her wood stove) ! She refused to use the nice gas stove her children bought for her! She has been gone for years now, I miss hearing her voice and tasting her yummy food!
  13. I'd be happy to see him wearing the things I'd made for him, and to see how much he appreciates them! (I know, we never really know how our projects will be received, but yours were winners, for sure!)
  14. OK, I"ll play along...the other day, I was working on a project with 2 strands of worsted held together. I had to frog most of it, but when I got to a terribly big knotted place, I CUT IT OFF AND THREW IT AWAY!!!!!!!!! (Me, the saver of all tiny pieces of yarn!!!!)
  15. Always! As many others have mentioned, some projects just get too big or too complicated to carry with me, so I have everything from baby hats and blankets to prayer shawls, to cotton dishcloths, etc, all going at once. If I find that I need one thing more, I'll concentrate on that one. It's never boring, for sure!
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