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  1. Thanks. Yeah, now family members want them.
  2. First afghan I've ever completed. It was a B, but it's done.
  3. Thanks. It took a while and the pics don't do it justice.
  4. jjbing3

    2 day afghan

    I think I'm just going to throw it on the crib.
  5. jjbing3

    2 day afghan

    This week has been long, but I finally got some time today. 36 *29 so far.
  6. jjbing3

    2 day afghan

    I think I'm going to throw it on the couch or give it away as a gift. It's fun and easy once you get the pattern down. I'm a crocheter that loves repetition because then I can watch tv and work.
  7. jjbing3

    2 day afghan

    Thank you. It's a lot longer now. I'll post new pics within a couple of days. Work is slowing me down :-(
  8. jjbing3

    2 day afghan

    This is what I'm working on now :-) its the 2 day afghan I got from Mikey at the crochet crowd. It's working up easily, quickly, and nicely.
  9. Finished! Thanks everyone that helped! I used 2 strands and p hook (11.5mm) The pics don't do it just. It's yellow and turquoise.
  10. Haha. I don't call myself a hooker, but welcome, lol, :-p
  11. Thanks. No, I'm definitely giving this away. I'll make myself a red/white one later.
  12. Ok. I decided to switch gears and start fresh with the P hook and two new colors. Im loving the hobby lobby acrylic hook ( yarnology brand). This is where I am. Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions. P works up quick, but still not as quick as I thought ( I'm inpatient) :-(
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