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  1. Thanks so much! I ended up snatching it out and starting over; I realized I'd missed a stitch on the same exact row ( how convenient...) and the small gap was bothering me. But I'll keep your tips in mind because I've had this issue before and will probably have it again. - Snoozie
  2. Thanks for your quick responses. I will try your suggestions. Just to be clear, the loose strand is not a whole yarn. It's one of the plies...so it's kind of separated from rest. This would still be resolved the same way?
  3. Ladies and gents, I could really use your help. I'm a beginner crocheter and have only tackled a few projects. I'm currently making a blanket and I've just discovered that there's a snag on one of the stitches. It's very apparent (I can fit my pinky under) and I don't know how to fix it. It's a few rows below my current position and I really don't want to rip everything out. If anyone has any tips on how this can be fixed or mended, I'd truly appreciate it. Kindly, SnoozieQ
  4. @ Rose: Maybe it's not. I just don't want to do the whole thing and then realize it miiiight be a bit too small, you know? I suppose, though, that once it's all done, the weight of it will stretch it out anyway. Thx @HappyOldCro: Thanks. I had to do the gauge really loosely (til' the yarn was practically falling out of my hand) to get it where it was. I'll try again tonight and maybe...just maybe, bite the bullet.
  5. No, but I'll post the first few bits: Gauge: In stitch pattern, 4 (sc, ch-3 spaces) and 8 rows = 4" Note: "Stitch pattern is very flexible; stretch swatch to open up mesh before checking gauge." Mesh Stitch (multiple of 3 sts + 1; 1-row repeat) Work foundation chain Row 1: Beg in sixth ch from hook, sc in sixth ch, *ch 3, skip 2 ch, sc in next ch; rep from* to across, end sc in last ch; turn. Row 2: Chain 5 (counts as sc, ch 3), sc in first ch-3 space, * ch 3, sc in next ch-3 space; rep from * across; turn. Repeat row 2 for Mest st..... BTW, I hope I'm doing the gauge right, b
  6. Hello, hello I'm making a mesh kiddie poncho (or trying anyway), but I'm not sure how to measure the gauge. The directions say: "Stitch pattern is very flexible; stretch swatch to open up mesh before checking gauge." But how much should I stretch it? Or should I measure the gauge while it's stretched to its limits? I tried just stretching it, releasing it, allowing it to "rest", and then measure, but the gauge is off by about half an inch. If I hold it stretched, it's over gauge by about 1.5". By the way, I've gone up from hook size H to K and my "unstretched" swatch is still sma
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