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    I'm a 38 yr. old mother of three beautiful kids. Two girls and a boy. I love to cook and bake and most recently started crocheting. I love creating and would love to learn even more than what I have learned in the past two months. Hoping to engage with people who have a lot more experience so that I can become great at crochet.
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    The Bronx, NY
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    Crocheting, cooking & baking
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    Home Maker
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    Just started this September and loving it
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  1. debbie17

    Stuck Please hlep

    I'm almost done with a project I started from the book Crochet at Home. Project name is Chunky Doily Rug is on page 71 rnd 17. I have gone over and over rnd16 to make sure I did everything correct and I have but for some reason rnd17 is like of when it comes to where to put the sts. I'm not sure if it's an error on the publisher or if I'm not just getting it. Please if you have this book and have done this rug or you have this book can you help me please. Thanks in advance for your help, Debbie
  2. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Yes those are it
  3. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Sorry i took so long to post the link. Here you go Her username is Hectanooga1 she has a lot of slipper tutorials
  4. debbie17

    Looking for toy patterns

    YouTube is also a great place to find free patterns
  5. This is great thank you for posting these
  6. Wow this is great thank you, will be trying a few of these patterns
  7. debbie17

    Twin Beanies

    those are so cute love a cute beanie
  8. debbie17

    just finished these slipper socks

    Very nice love the color
  9. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Lol I actually gave up on this one and just followed a youtube tutorial on a different style slipper
  10. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Thank you so much for your help
  11. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Yes here is the link and thanks for helping me out http://kaleidesigns.com/crochet/patterns/archive/sock001.html
  12. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Thank you so much got the stitch down now I'm still stuck on the pattern don't understand if I'm supposed to repeat twice or four times (2-tr cluster over next 2 sc) twice Thanks again
  13. debbie17

    2-tr cluster

    Hi everyone I'm in the middle of crocheting a slipper an have found myself stuck on this pattern (Rnd 6: Ch 2 (does not count as a st here and throughout), dc in same st as joining and in next 26 sc, (2-tr cluster over next 2 sc) twice, 3-tr cluster over next 3 sc, (2-tr cluster over next 2 sc) twice, dc in next 27 sc; skip beg ch-2, join to first dc. (59 sts)). Now where I get stuck is at (2-tr cluster and 3-tr cluster) . I'm a beginner and have not yet learn this stitch. Can someone help me pleaseeeeeeeee. Thanks you