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    I put crochet aside for years while busy with children and work. Now, I've pulled all the yarn out of storage and I'm excited again.
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  1. Reni, I'll try and remember (I'm easily distracted) to pull out my Tunisian stitch books tomorrow and see if I can find it, but it's hard to see the stitch definition in the pictures you're referring to.
  2. I find the big "pounder" (or so) skeins are the ones most likely to vomit, especially when you get down to about half the ball - it's like there's a party going on in the available space inside and a mess is made! I especially hate the vomit when it's a yarn that's difficult to deal with under good circumstances.
  3. I have the Dreamz interchangeable hook set and absolutely love it. I think it actually helps the wrist because you're not carrying the weight of the fabric on the hook. There's also a lot more flexibility (no pun intended!) in how wide the work can be - you can do lengthwise scarves and get a completely different look.
  4. Thanks so much for the notice. I've been wanting this book!
  5. Welcome from another Californian!
  6. Thanks everyone for the tips and Loopdeedoo for responding. I love the reverse look! I'd pay for the pattern. I'd pay for a tutorial on how to do this. I searched all over the internet for how to do this the way you've done it and I can't find anything that replicates it - everything I've found isn't truly reversible, with each color distinct on both sides. Or I'm misunderstanding the instructions.
  7. Does anyone know how to do reversible Tunisian like this, or where I might go for instructions? http://www.etsy.com/listing/59689159/infinity-twist-scarf-tunisian-crochet Thanks!
  8. I like yours better, too. Did we ever get a link to the pattern? I'd love to make this.
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