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  1. very cute! is there a way to include leather or vinyl soles to a pattern like this? thanks. richard
  2. Hi all, Would like to make something similar to this hat: http://www.kaboodle.com/hi/img/c/0/0/18e/2/AAAADF7uG_sAAAAAAY4rUw.jpg?v=1318224590000 i think i've found a nice youtube tutorial on how to make the hat, but need help with sizing? how do I size the hat so that it fits snuggly? measure circumference of head? also would like to know what size yarn to best use and hook size. The hat is for a 2-year old. thank you. richard
  3. hi all, i'm new to the forum and consider myself a newbie. I started crocheting over twenty years ago while in the peace corps, but didn't get back to it until about a year ago. want to learn much more. i look at it as a creative outlet for me and don't like people telling me that a "man" shouldn't be engaged in it, so even more determined. not shy about jumping into more advanced projects. in fact, hoping for some help with making an eeyore hat with ears. i only have two weeks! (LOL) looking forward to learning a lot. thank you. Richard
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