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  • Birthday 07/23/1958

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    Bev Qualheim
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    LDS, Married since 1979 to my sweetie, mom to 5 terrific kids and now, they have given us 6 precious grandkids! I work part time as a Support Specialist for our Stake Seminary and I still webmaster my site 'bevscountrycottage.com'--11 years now and counting! I also have a shop on my site and an etsy shop. All kinds of fun!
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    in the desert in Nevada!
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    crocheting, knitting, drawing, singing, walking with my hubby and dogs, traveling, nature and more!
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    Support Specialist for our LDS Stake Seminary
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    preemie hats, baby items, and mittens.
  • Crocheting since...
    since college so maybe 1977
  1. I still have up to date info on my website here: http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/bandages.html I try to keep it up to date as these bandages are valuable to those who receive them. Bev
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