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  1. so pretty! thanks for sharing the pattern.
  2. pretty and useful. they can be used to wrap-up gifts.
  3. Neat idea. thanks for sharing the link to the website.
  4. Very cute. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  5. The coasters are so pretty!
  6. Wow, it's so cute and very detailed.
  7. Love the bag! The texture adds to it's appeal as well form of the sides.
  8. azuki88

    Bath sets

    I like the textures of the facecloth, very pretty.
  9. Love your bag. The colors you chose are great.
  10. So pretty, perfect for summer. Great job!
  11. Cute coasters! I like the idea of crocheting a container for the coasters themselves when not in use.
  12. I'm putting this in my to do list, maybe make a couple of them as Christmas presents for friends. Thanks for sharing the pattern!
  13. Selling three knit magazines on ebay.ph: Vogue Knitting : KNIT 1 MAGAZINE Spring 2007 Edition Better Homes & Gardens Creative Collection :Knit it! Spring 2007 Edition Creative Knitting March 2007 Edition
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