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    theresa smith
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    im married and have no kids ,i love meeting new friends
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    new york
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    crossstitch ,and meeting new people and being helpful to others
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    im a manacurist and haircutter
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    i love filet crochet to crochet different things
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    1969 i was 11
  1. I am so sorry for the sad news .My dad also dies at 41 the same way only on a toilet instead of the bed .We were 3 2 boys and me a girl .I will pray for the family .I went through it so i understand .Does the girl know what the baby is?I would be so happy to send a baby blanket for her .when i recieve the address i will mail one with the squares .Take care and God help you all .In friendship theresa:hug
  2. :)that gave me chills .what a beautiful thing you did .It is so nice the blanket it is bigger then a lapgan.It goes to show there are many great people still here .And it feels good to know how good you made this young man feel.i made some lapgans but they arent so big .is the one you made usually the right size for lapgan? you did a beautiful job .Thanks for shareing the story.God bless you .In friendship theresa
  3. :hookyou did a great job It is really pretty.I wish i could do such a nice job.I hope you are feeling better soon.Take care theresa:crocheting
  4. is the pattern for the cap free?how can i get it.it looks like a easy pattern may i please know .thank you so much theresa
  5. was it hard ?would someone intermediate crocheter be able to make it?i think its so nice to give as a present . i want to try .thank you theresa:hug
  6. :cheerhershners sells it and annies attic .Hope this helps .What are you makeing?i love to crochet with thread size 20 its harder but nice :eekim doing :thinkor trying to do a cross pattern i just bought from annies attic .keep in touch .Theresa
  7. welcome from the bronx.i,m theresa .you will love it here .everyone is so helpful. good luck have fun .theresa:clap
  8. so beautiful can you share the pattern I am unable to get the book i dont drive and am unable to get it .Is there any way you would alow me to have the pattern .I would be so appreciative .Thank you theresa:cheer
  9. they are nice i hope they are easy to make id like to make some for nurseing home .Thanks so much .theresa:cheer
  10. you did a great job do you have where the pattern is if you dont mind? i like it .your cousin will love it .really nice .thanks for shareing terribronx:cheer
  11. :eekhi sorry to hear this i myself have been feeling dizzy alot and found out i was having mini strokes but they cant find where they come from i am diabetic maybe its that .but i know how scared you feel i was myself i felt numb .I hope you get better did you eat?hows your bloodpressure?please take care and thank God you didnt crack your head be careful i will say a prayer for you good thing your son was there .be well dear.theresa:manyheart
  12. :lolthey are both so pretty and colorful did you find it hard ?i have so much trouble making the ripple why i dont know any easy way? id love the hat pattern to is it available for us free or to buy?i would love to see it .Keep up the great work .take care terribronx:cheer
  13. :hookhi nice to meet you .i will be happy to keep in touch with you.i am not makeing anything now thinkijng of maaking a table cover for church .maybe soon ,Its really cold here in new york. And you?what are you making ?i also crossstitch .Married no kids 50 yrs old .hope to keep in touch do you like to m ake doilies ?See you around hope u enjoy it here many of the people here are really nice and helpful .terribronx:c9
  14. theresa smith


    can anyone help im looking for blessed:hug mother filet crochet pattern was in a magic crochet mag years ago but lost it .thank you all .theresa
  15. they are both so pretty id give my mom the lighter one .they are so cute ae they hard to make /can u share with us how to make one .thank you theresa:cheer
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