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    Im a born and raised JerseyGirl, Culinary Student, and Wife Extraordinare. My husband is in the Coast Guard which gives me the exciting adventure of moving from place to place every couple of years. Im the fur momma to Bella Bean the beagle and Fatty McFatso the wonder kitty
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    Miami FL
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    Claims Processor
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    crochet afghans,granny squares, baby gifts.
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    Learned at age 10 from my grandmother in 1992, barely did it through the teen yrs & restarted in 11
  1. My grandmother taught me when I was 6 or 7 (1988-1989). I played with it on and off when I spent summers with her - but when my Mommom passed away last September, I dove back in. Its been just over a year and Im crocheting almost every day and Ive relearned a lot of the basics.
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