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    Im a born and raised JerseyGirl, Culinary Student, and Wife Extraordinare. My husband is in the Coast Guard which gives me the exciting adventure of moving from place to place every couple of years. Im the fur momma to Bella Bean the beagle and Fatty McFatso the wonder kitty
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    Miami FL
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    Claims Processor
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    crochet afghans,granny squares, baby gifts.
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    Learned at age 10 from my grandmother in 1992, barely did it through the teen yrs & restarted in 11
  1. Thank you i feel like im a little ripple obsessed right now. I cant believe it turned out so well - and another bonus was my HUGE improvement on my gauge.
  2. This labor of love has taken me nearly 6 months to complete and Im so glad its finally off my hook and about to be accompanying my husband on his next deployment. Its the biggest afghan I have completed to date - and definitely made me wish he was a foot shorter!
  3. That is awesome! Do you have any pattern information?
  4. I just went in Panama City and was sad to see bare shelves hope they get it back soon. I love ILTY for afghans
  5. Welcome from sunny Miami FL ! My sister lives in Philly and I am from Camden NJ! You'll love all the great info and help on this site for sure!
  6. Thank you! It was my great grandmothers and my grandmother held on to it. When she passed last year my mom grandfather passed it to me. I just made copies of all the pages and put the original in a protector. I hope I can pass it on someday too
  7. I love the color! What kind of yarn are you using?
  8. Here are photos of the pattern book too Im so excited to have this little piece of history
  9. I completed my first Ripple blanket since I first learned how to Crochet 24 years ago! I used the same pattern my grandmother used to teach me (from a Circa 1972 pattern books). Im excited it was finished and sent off to my mom to be delivered to a baby shower tomorrow. The pictures are not stellar - the yarn did not photograph well from far back. I used I Love This Yarn Iced Sugar
  10. Found what I was looking for!
  11. Hi! Welcome from Miami FL! PS - I cry *very* easily too
  12. That is awesome What yarn.colors did you use?
  13. I have the Boye electric yarn ball winder (50% off from Michaels once) and my husband said it was the best present ever bought HIM! He hated when I would use his hands to untangle and organize. I love it and wind everything!
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