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  1. I know I've not been a member for very long and when I joined I thought I had found a great site, well you've ruined that for me. I am so frustrated with the new formate, that I've decided not to fight with it anymore. I thought the site worked very well before the changes, navigating was very easy, now I can't use the back button, I can't use rich text, I have no access to go advanced. I can no longer participate in the stashbusting cal, because I don't have access to the toolbar. I tried clicking on the little arrow to collaps or open the toolbar, it dose'nt work either. I refuse to change the settings on my computer, because I have many other sites that work just fine the way my computer is set up. I've looked at all the fixes, I've read the help topics without finding a single answer to my questions. It's too bad you didn't leave well enough alone.
  2. I haven't used up anything this week, my crochet times real limited with my mom still being in the hospital. I did purchase 4 balls for a baby afghan I'm working on, so my scores are, WTD: -8, YTD: +3
  3. This is happening to me as well, also on the old forum when you hit the back button I would go back to the spot where I left, now I go back to the top of the page and must scroll down to see the next topic, very annoying.
  4. I would like to see the indicator for photos in a post brought back, also the indicator that tells me I've contributed in a thread.
  5. I can pretty much crochet all day, the room where I work gets the south sun, so it's pretty bright all day. I do like to be alone when I crochet so as soon as my GD gets up I'm pretty much done until she leaves the house. Unfortunately my mom is in the hospital so crocheting time has been limited over the last week.
  6. Jan., 14, 2013 Here's my second snowflake of the year. This is from the same group of patterns. I quess they should be white, but because of stashbusting I didn't want to buy more thread and this is the color I have on hand. I might re-block this one, it looks abit lop sided.
  7. This has not been a great week for me. I didn't accomplish much, 1st my mom got sick and I had to hospitalize her, she's doing much better, then I got sick, I have the flu so going to the hospital has become a problem for me. My mom is 93 and my sister lives in Calgary Alberta, she flew to Hamilton, but flies back home tonight. My brother lives in Campbellford Ontario which is about a 4 hour drive from Hamilton, so he's not much help either. But all that aside, I finished 6 more baby beanies and used up 2 more skeins of yarn, 1 full skein and 1 part skein, so I quess my numbers are WTD: +3, YTD: +11
  8. There is a size 9 steel crochet hook, I don't think it is a .9mm. The one I have is a Milward hook, made in England, it says 9 on it not .9mm. It's very very tiny for use with # 30 crochet cotton I would think.
  9. I ended up using white glue. I mixed about a quarters worth in a bowl and mixed it with some water. It was thin like milk, I soaked the snow flake then squeezed out the excess, I blocked the piece on a piece of parchment paper until it dried, it worked very well. You could also block it on waxed paper or foil wrap or saran, something the glue will not stick to. Good luck with your snowflakes.
  10. I'm really looking forward to all the different snowflakes in this cal. Here's my first one, it's not stiffened yet, I tried corn starch but that didn't work to well, (didn't know it should be cooked) so now I'll try Snowcatchers glue method. This is a "Coats & Clark pattern I found through the free pattern link. Thanks for looking
  11. Thanks for clearing this up. It is in my signature and when I tried to make it larger then what it is, I got a message that said BB code was too large. I will put it in the post next time Thanks again
  12. Thanks for the link to the pattern.
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