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  1. Your bags look wonderful so bright & cheery. I've made alot of these bags & everybody always loves them. I give them as little purses to my neices.
  2. They are all so beautiful!!
  3. So pretty. It sure looks wonderful on her!!
  4. They look fantastic. I'm so glad everybody likes them with the shells. My mom loved hers!! She said they were so pretty with the edging.
  5. So pretty. I really love the look of this one.
  6. So very pretty. I'm going to checkout that pattern!!
  7. Oh look at all that fantastic yarn. You are lucky!!
  8. Very nice & I love all the colors!!
  9. Really pretty. I always serge my cut edges so they never fray. Its pretty easy so I'll probably keep doing it that way but this is great for people who don't want to cut the towels. I've seen where they did a blanket stitch across the folded edge with no cutting. I'm sure they will last your grandma for a long time!!
  10. So pretty. I really love them in colors. You made such a pretty one.
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