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  1. jschnur

    2-tr cluster

    This link explains it better than I can http://en.allexperts.com/q/Crochet-3235/2008/3/2-3-tr-cluster.htm Scroll down for the answer to her question. Hope this helps. Janet
  2. I go to St. Helen's in Hebron.
  3. Sorry that won't work for me I attend Mass every Saturday afternoon at 4:00 and have to be there early on the 13th. Keep me in mind for any future meet-ups. Janet
  4. Thanks Mary seems this person is having a problem understanding instructions before you get to the point I'm at. The post was made a while ago. Janet
  5. I do everything from doilies to christening dresses to scarves or whatever else strikes me. I jump around from crocheting, knitting and sewing too. Guess I get bored easily. Janet
  6. Actually my mailing address is Hebron. I have free time in winter months, work seasonally at a greenhouse. Let me know if a group starts in the area. Janet
  7. I live outside Valparaiso and yes Deb am close to Merrillville, most of my shopping is done there. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! Janet
  8. I emailed Jennifer, followed the link from the pattern page on Ravelry http://members.optusnet.com.au/we2/patterns.html She got back to me right away and said the pattern was correct. I just assumed the pattern was hers. No one else is having problems or at least posting about them on Ravelry, checked all the projects for notes. Thanks for your reply. Janet
  9. That's what I did but then ran into trouble in the next couple of rounds. May just wing it and if it looks wonky frog it and look for another pattern. Thanks for your help. Janet
  10. Hoping someone here can help me out with this pattern http://members.optusnet.com.au/we2/perfectpony.html I started having trouble on the neck/body section after row 17. After completing Rnd 17 there should be 81 sc in the round, which I have. When finishing Rnd 18 I have one stitch left over. Counting stitches in the instructions I come up with 80 stitches needed to complete the round (a total of 10 repeats each using 7 stitches = 70; 7 for the sc's and 3 for 2 sc in each of the next 3 sc), but there are 81 stitches so I have 1 left over. The total increases made in the round are 13; 80 + 13 = 93 and the total should be 94 Can't figure out why I'm having trouble as no one else is on Ravelry and I've emailed the designer to make sure there isn't a mistake (there isn't). So can anyone help set me straight? Rnd 17 - * Sc in each of next 7 Sc, 2 Sc in next Sc * repeat from * 7 times, Sc in each of next 6 Sc, 3 Sc in next Sc. (81 Sc). Rnd 18 - * Sc in each of next 6 Sc, 2 Sc in next Sc * repeat from * 9 times, Sc in each of next 7 Sc, 2 Sc in each of next 3 Sc. (94 Sc). Thanks for your help! Janet
  11. Hello everyone, I'm Janet from NW Indiana, been crocheting for over 30 years and still feel like a beginner sometimes. Am hoping to further hone my skills here at Crochetville learning from all the experts. I crochet with both thread and yarn with most finished projects going to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Janet
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