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  1. I will have to get these patterns from you today. I love the black and white. I can see this on my granddaughter!!!!
  2. Hey woman, you are my 40th post!!!!! I went to your FB page and liked it!!! Who loves ya baby!!!!
  3. I have always made my scrubbers round, I never thought about making them square! Who knew!!!! Thank you for sharing the idea!!!!
  4. Now if this isn't just so cute!!!! Definitely a great gift idea!!!!
  5. My daughter is decorating as a all white Christmas this year. these will be so cute!!!!! Thank you for sharing the patterns.
  6. This is a beautiful sweater. I can't wait to add it to my library of patterns and try it out this winter!!!!
  7. these would be so cute in red and placed on a Valentine's card. Thank you for sharing the pattern.
  8. Just a little bit taller and this would make the perfect wine bottle bag for gift giving. This is a must for my crochet pattern library. Thank you for sharing.
  9. I love the waldo puzzle pattern. I am going to buy the yarn today. Can't wait to get started. I think I will make both and try it in the same afghan. Totally pumped!!!! Thanks ladies!!!!!
  10. This should keep me warm while visiting family in Montana.
  11. I have always loved the sock monkey so I will try your first pattern. Thank you for posting it.
  12. Ah, Lil Buster is soooo cute. Love the name as well. This is a must try!!!!
  13. I will have to try this bag for a friend with a daughter who is a ballerina in New York. She will love it!!!!
  14. I like the video tutorial. It will be nice to try on a rainy day like today. HA!
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