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  1. AWESOMELY AWESOME piece of work! Am sure it is going to be appreciated!
  2. Hi Anna, my proper name is Delores and my middle name is Ann! I just joined like u today and live within 25 miles of Pittsburgh with a mailing post office of Apollo, Pa but really live just 10 miles to the east of Monroeville, PA a little out in the country. Have attended some needleworkers that meet on Thursday mornings at the Plum Library which has been interesting. Also have attended our church groups prayer shawl group which donates crocheted items to the needy as well as shawls to the shutins. What part of Pittsburgh do u live and are u able to find any groups that do needleworks and share in helping near U? Oh most call me Dolly, so welcome to the group and will be anxious to know more about u and what ur working on?
  3. I was lost but now I am found! Was on the Knitting Paradise Forum and this morning someone posted this crochet forum and now I went from limbo to heaven! Am a self taught crocheter from the age of 25 after watching neighbors and my future mother in law who didnt seem to be interested in showing me how to crochet. Finally got the time in my life that out of desire I sat down and went to it from a booklet and conquered the crochet hooking. Even though I had a knitting machine shop for years and still own several of them and own a floor weaving loom and have done bobbin lace, I seem to always resort to my crochet hooks and projects are they are easily portable and one can stop at the end of any row and pick up later when they feel like it. I also do beading and like to use buttons on some of the crochet projects as non functional ornamentation. So very happy to find all of u with this common interest and hope I can be of a positive vibe here always and forever!
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