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    Brenda <3
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    i LOVE to Crochet, i just taught myself how to KNIT, i am ADDICTED to YOUTUBE :)
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    Stay at home wife/Crocheter :)
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    Since i was about 12
  1. i need help finding a pattern or how to video for basic toddler booties:( thanks!
  2. i couldnt access the page can you please post the pattern im really intrested in making this thank you!!!
  3. Can i make this beanie into a 2-3year old :thinkand if so what do i need to do? :confusedThanks!!!
  4. I came across this website in search of a how to video for a newborn beanie and i came across a very EASY pattern (which by the way is a foreign language to me!) and i was able to READ the pattern and made the beanie !!! i was super excited so i decided to join. I learned to crochet at a very young age i believe i was like 11 or 12, i spent my summers at my grandmas neighbors house she was a lil ol lady with ALOT of patience lol i stopped crocheting for a while and this year i became a stay at home wife:heart with no kids so i had to keep myself busy! Recently my husband has been ill and i've been crocheting to help him out with the bills so if you guys know any simple patterns or any recommendations PLEASE let me know! Thanks!!! Brenda
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