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    married 3 grownup kids 6 soon to be7 g/kids who keep me busy
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    crochet and all handcrafts and gardening
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    enjoy a new challenge
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  1. can some one help me with this i cant download the demo for this prog and i would really like to try it
  2. sonia did i miss the pics for this ghan havent been on in a while
  3. that afghan looks awsome so glad you r grandma liked it and hope it gives her comfort to knoe people the world over were thinking of her and wishing her a speedy recovery
  4. i did not mean to sound impatient i was just wondering how it was coming along it was a pleasure to participate congrats on the new baby hope you are both well i just had a new grandson born tonight too
  5. whats happened to the pics for the afgan have you not finnished it yet cant wait to see it
  6. i cant wait to see the pics of the finished afgan i bet it is gorgeous
  7. thank you for your kind words i have done four squares the same so i hope you can still use them they are a beautiful baby pink the colour of the cancer aware in britain
  8. i am sory i havent been able to do the squares i promised due to that fact that my father died on jan 4th and i have had some business to sort out as my mother suffers from altzheimers disease and this has been a bad month for us all if you are still in need of squares i will do them now and post them tomorrow it will take a week for delivery sorry again for the delay
  9. sorry i missed this post thank -you anyway i just added glue to water and brushed it on after blocking and it came out a treat if you want to see my efforts it is posted in thread show and tell (angel )
  10. To The Group:i Am From Scotland Too Originally From Glasgow Now Living In Livingston Hope You Enjoy Your Time Here
  11. i loved all the baby clothes and i particularly liked the white cardigan with the pineapple collar
  12. i think its nice that people with the same interests and living in the same area can meet up and discuss their favourite craft their favourite craft shops and where a bargain is to be had good luck in finding more crocheters in your part of the world
  13. thank -you all for the encouragement:hook i havent done any formal teaching and will have to make it up as i go along so all coments are greatly aprecciated i noticed on another thread someone else teaching beginners and i got some worthwhile tips from there so keep them coming i expect to teach 8-9yr olds girls and boys if they would like to participate
  14. today during a conversation (i was at my g/sons nativity)it transpired that children are'nt learning crafts they way they used to i happened to say that i could crochet and knit and sew and felt all kids should have the opportunity to learn and was asked if i could maybe consider helping to teach the pupils has anyone ever done this kind of thing i feel these crafts are in danger of dying away if our children ar'nt encouraged to try i am looking forward to any decisions the school make on this
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