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    I am married to a wonderful man and have three wonderful, beautiful children. I homeschool all of my children and love every minute of it.
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    Crochetting, Cross Stitching, Quilting, Gardening and Canning
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    dolls, hats, bows, purses
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    Since 2011
  1. So cute! I will be doing this very soon!
  2. Hello everybody! I am from Kentucky and have been crochetting since last fall. I have always enjoyed doing crafts, cross stitching and quiltying. I have always wanted to crochet but every time my grandmother tried to show me things just didn't work out right. However last fall I got this desire to really really learn and I got a book and taught myself. I spent days and long nights figuring the basics of crochetting out and finally I got it. I have been making everything I can ever since. I have a two boys and a little girl and I love making them stuff. Now crochetting is my favoriate thing to do. I haven't even touched a quilt or cross stitching piece in a year. I am excited to learn new things and find new patterns to make.
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