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  1. Hello DewBaby, I'm Saula with CFAC, I'm the Project leader for Pine Ridge childrens, and please don't feel over whelmed, We all understand how life is and sometimes things in life just don't go the way we plan for them to. Money is tight for alot of people, I'll tell you what one member does, she has been making hats and scarves all year long and just putting them into a box and once the box gets full she said she will mail it, but this way she doesn't feel pressured to rush and can work with her life and money, so when she isn;t making her hats and such, she is helping me out on doing some research on the internet for the different charities and such... trust me We have alot of areas, that we need some help with and it doesn't cost a dime just a little time on the computer. So if you ever do start to feel overwhelmed give me a shout and i can snap ya out of it real quick For everyone else I want to Thank everyone our School supply drive is doing great, there are still some Book bags left The kids are going to be so happy to see their supplies and book bags, you all have made a bunch of kids very happy, not to menation how happy the angels where that made them. If anyone has any questions or anything just give me a shout, and Dewbaby i look forward to hearing more about you on CFAC Saula
  2. Hello everyone, Being fairly new to this group i have been looking around and reading alot of the back posts and such like that and have noticed alot of talk about Rine Ridge in SD. I'm the project leader for the Pine Ridge childrens program and like Rosa said in one of her post the tempatures are reaching well above the 100's and some have no running water at all, Now for some of you that don't know me, I grew up On Pine Ridge for the first 15 years of my life, so i know how this feels to have no water, no power, and no way to escape the heat.. We have fiqured a way to help them stay warm, not if it was as easy to help them stay cool Maybe someday we will be able to work that. One thing that we are doing is School starts Aug 14th at Pine Ridge, so we are doing a school supply drive, with your basic school supplies, pencils, crayons, glue, markers, such like that Now one of the ladies on Crafting for a cause her group of angels is making back packs, that they are selling for $4.00 i belive, Once they are ordered they are sending them to Pine Ridge where they will be filled with the school supplies so atleast some of the kids will be able to start school with everything they need the Backpacks are being made out of girl and boy material barbie and camfoughle(sp) i belive.... if anyone is intersted in helping with this let me know and I'm then happy to tell you anything and everything i know .... my kids always call me a Know it all so i might as well act like it:clap . I look forward to hearing from everyone Saula Crafting for a cause Project leader for Childrens Program
  3. Hello everyone, I thought i had already done this but i guess i hadnt so anyway, here goes, I'm a SAHM with 2 monsters I found out about crochetville from another group I;m very busy with Crafting for a cause. I enjoy making just about everything, i crochet alot but can't read a patteren to safe my soul LOL hubby says i just wing it i look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know you all. I'll post in another area about what all we have going in crafting for a cause... Saula
  4. Just wanted to say hello, I look forward to meeting everyone Saula
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