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  1. Unable to quote where I got pattern from as this forum keeps putting stars where name is so here is my best get around name... craft and town.
  2. spider slippers pattern- black bottom, green top with spider-- I am unable to get the heel, toe bottom portion out. They seem to run the instructions together...created a circle then chained and and made second row on chain and came back to circle portion...what are they telling me? I am dying to get one pair of slippers complete and they all stump me like this one.
  3. I am desperate to figure out how to make slippers. I have the spider slipper pattern, which is black on bottom, green on vamp with spiders, and ribbon. If you know of this pattern, could you explain to me how to get along rows 1-4? there seems to be some information missing or assumed? I've never made a slipper, as yet, and have tried and tried but each time, there seems to be a problem for me in the beginning sole, heel portion of the patterns.
  4. I learned to crochet as a child from my mother, who taught me the basics. Later, in my 20's I tried crocheting with cotton thread and made many gifts of snowflakes and angels. Now, at 55, am having to make gifts for christmas gifts and reacquainting myself with some different patterns, etc. Having fun, except for my inability to crochet slippers. Some weird mental slip.
  5. ******** has a pattern "spider slippers" that I cannot figure out. Rnd 1 has you sc twice in each sc for 18 stitches. fine. thens Ch 16 and turn. Rnd 2 starts with SC in 2nd Ch from hook (I assume the Ch16?) then mentions 15 sc. Am stuck and would love to make these
  6. I am also making this pattern and cannot figure out Left Side. Says Return to Row 44, and then Row 45 says work as established for 70 sts, then chain 32. What happens to this floating chain?
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