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    I'm 27 years old, married to my amazing husband Jesse who I've been with for the last 8 years. We're currently expecting our first little baby in December a little boy, who we're going to name William :)
    I run a daycare out of my home with six children, which can be busy but I love it, although before that I worked for an animal shelters for years, and now have a lot of beautiful rescued fur babies as well.
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    crocheting, reading, writing, photography, baking, cross stitch, camping, spending time outdoors
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    daycare teacher
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    Granny Square Afghans so far
  1. Goodness I feel like I missed a lot in the last couple of days. So I started my course on Monday, and am really enjoying it, but nervous too. I've always been a perfectionist when it comes to school, so I must have read and re-read my first two assignment's for a half hour before sumbitting them in... actually read and re-read them, and then got DH to read it over one more time to get a second opinion before sending it in, but just want to be sure everything sounds ok. I'm enjoying it though, I already started my two end of the semester papers lol Thanks for all the good wishes for DH on the job hunt. I'm trying not to stress too much, he has Unemployment coming in from getting laid off until December 11th, so until that point we're ok for bills, and he keeps telling me until we get to that point not to stress, and hope that something works out, or another job comes along, but it's hard not to worry especailly since we'll be taking the baby home about that time, and want to be able to focus on our little baby, and not on the bills when I take him home. And the agrument with my mum was actually over DH being out of work, it always is lately. My mother and her six sister's have never worked outside of the home. They were all house wives and stay at home mums, which of course is a tough job all in it's own, but none of them would have ever imagined working outside of the house, and still wouldn't. Whether there family needed the money or not, my mum, and all my aunts firmly believe a woman's place is at home with her family, and only at home with her family. My mother thought it was "ok" for me to go to school, and run a daycare before the baby, but now that we have a baby coming not only does she not think I should be working, she is appalled that DH hasn't found a job yet. Not that it's for lack of trying, he's been trying hard, checking the job bank all the time, dropping resume's off everywhere he can think of whether they're hiring or not, and since he's home, he's been going above and beyond to help me with things around the house and the daycare until he finds something, there's just not much out there. But my mum keeps making rude little comments about DH being out of work, which being an emotional, stressed out pregnant woman lol just gets me all upset, and I normally just let her go when I'm talking to her on the phone. DH is a really amazing husband, who has been doing everything he can to look after me and our baby, and he's trying so hard to help me with the daycare, and the house, and find a job, and to have someone bash how much he is doing and does for me, just drives me crazy. It wasn't his fault he was laid off, he worked security for the mental ward at the hospital (a very hard job, where he worked long hours, and has been cursed at, punched, and STABBED in trying to protect the patients from themselves and the nurses), and when it came time for them to renew his companies contract, the hospital went with a new security company, his security company had no other jobs, so him and the 8 other guys he worked with all were laid off, and he's been trying ever since. Just is frustating to talk to her sometimes when she starts off on that. I know she's worried about me, and trying to look out for what's best for me, but I love my husband very much, and like I said he does everything he can to look after me and our baby, and so by bad mouthing him, it's not going to make me feel any better. lol and ok enough venting for now lol My course is going great though, even with feeling parnoid over the assignments, and I'm half through my MIL thrid granny square. Cindy: Sounds like Sunday was a very nice relaxing day, and your patio sounds like it's going to look lovely when it's all done It will be nice to be able to enjoy it in the coming fall evenings And thanks for the good luck wishes for DH we have our fingers crossed. Oh no about Sophie! Hope you were able to get everything deskunked I used to sell Skunk-Off at the pet store, and we heard good things about it getting rid of the skunk smell, but sorry the Skunk-Off is such a yucky smell. Those shirts look lovely, I always wanted to make my own clothes, I'm glad you were able to make it work. Tam: Hi, it great to meet you, and it sounds like you've been really busy. So glad that your DH is doing well and Cancer Free! That's amazing news! Your six kids sound wonderful! They all sound like they have lots of good things going on. I hope your headache passes soon though. Joanne: Thanks for the postivie thoughts, we have our fingers crossed. I'm sorry you've been having such bad weather, I hope it gets better soon. Judy: oooh sounds like you got some really good yarn finds I'm hoping we'll have some good sale's going on when the Zellers here closes. I'm sad to see it close, but they have by far the best yarn prices around here already, so when they go into liquidation sales, I'm hoping we'll have a little extra money so I can stock up. Thanks about all the good wishes, and school has been great. This is true, home made is always better And your animal squares sounds adorable! You'll have to post a photo when you're all done I love the pictures of your scarf and hats, those hat's are just too adorable! Just lovely pictures! Sounds like today was a busy day though, no wonder your tired, hope you get to settle in and relax tonight. Valerie: Hope you got some good grocery finds, my DH teases me, but I love going grocery shopping, alway makes me feel better to have groceries in the house. Those afghans sounds great, your ghan is coming out beauitfully! Just like the photo in the book Phyllis: It's beautiful! What a lovely Ghan Sherry: awww glad your DH is feeilng better, hopefully it wasn't too long a shift. And hope you had fun with the GS's It sounds like it was a good night. aw that's so cute about the littest one and his homework. The three year old little guy in my daycare, his brother just went to school this year, and so we've been doing "homework" and eating his lunch from a school lunch can lol. Good luck with the computer system, hope it's not too bad, and it gets figured out soon. Marisa: It's great to meet you! That's wonderful about opening your own chiropractic office, it sounds like everything is going well! And it sounds like you have such great family and friends around Wow you had a busy weekend, but it all sounds good, and Sunday sounds like it was a nice relax day. Glad so many of your teams did well aww thank you for the lovely comments on my mums xmas ghan and the well wishes for school. It's going good, I'm really enjoying it. I think it will be good, I know everyone seems a little worried about me taking the kids back so soon, but I think it should be ok, and like you said I'll even get to be home with my son all day And thanks, I vented some about my mum, hopefully I didn't bore people too much, but it did feel nice to be able to vent to someone. I haven't been talking to DH about it very much because I don't want to make him feel bad. aw and I love turtles, what are your two turtles names? I LOVE your sweater, it's looks beautiful, and it came out great! You did a great job! Mary: Thank you so much aw and I've been trying, my DH keeps reminding me to make sure I'm taking a little bit of time for me and baby to relax. I'm glad your DD and baby is doing good. It's always scarey when anything is off with mommy and baby though *hugs* but glad the doctor said everythings ok, and hopefully she'll be 100% soon. And hopefully the dentist wasn't too bad. Marlene: thanks so much for the good wishes for DH. aww and hope DD teeth feel better soon. eek I hate to think of motorcyclist's out there without helmets on. It's just so dangerous if they have any kind of wipe out. aw I hope your BIL's surgery goes well, sending lots of good thoughts. Thats nice of you to pack a picnic for everyone. I hope your friend Gordy starts to feel better, and his body starts to accept his pacemakers. That must be awful. aww me and DH have allergies too, poor thing, hopefully she feels better soon. Sounds like you have a good weekend planned though.
  2. Today was kind of a blah day, was supposed to hang out with a friend who I've known since we were kids, but she cancelled out on me last minute this morning but I totally understood, but most of my friends are single, and are still into going to the bars, etc. I've never been a bar person anyway, but my friends used to come over for a bonfire and a few drinks on our deck before they'd go out, but since I got pregnant, I haven't seen them really at all. I'm a home body usually, but it just sounded nice to have a chat with a friend for a few hours. And I got in a fight with my mum, which always makes for a bummer day and have been stressing over money. Dh got laid off from his job at the hospital a few month's ago, and has been leaving resume's everywhere, but we live in a really small town, and there's just no work around here. BUT day's almost over, and I finished two squares on my Mother in Law's Christmas blanket, between today and yesterday. DH is FINALLY starting to feel better, his voice is gone, but his asthma is starting to get better, it's a nice evening here, and I get to start my course tomorrow, which is exciting, I can't wait to start my first assignment after the kids leave tomorrow Cindy: aw thanks, I always get so nervous when I make something if it looks ok. Sherry: Thanks so much, I hope my mum likes it, and thank you for the congrats, and the good luck wishes That's so nice to have your two grandson's so close, and that's wonderful you and DH have been married 32 years in October, and sounds like you have great children and congrats on the granny square jacket for DD Hope you get a chance to sew it all together soon. That's always my least favourite part too, I always get so nervous my knot's won't be tight enough. I hope you get some nice weather for the state fair though, that sounds fun, and I hope your poor DH is feeling better. Joanne- aww thanks for the welcome, and we are really excited about our little boy. My belly's growing faster and faster all the time lol. And thank you about Afghan I always get nervous about something I made. aww Happy Belated Anniversary! It sounds like you and DH had a really nice day A walk along the beach, and dinner sounds lovely aw congratulations on your little grandson, and the up coming little grandbaby It sounds like you have 3 great children too aw I Hop, and seeing your DD and SIL sounds great way to spend the morning So glad you had such a great weekend Mary- aw your Afghan is beautiful And thank you so much, I always worry when it's something I did. lol And Jakie always wants everything made of yarn for himself haha. Well I'm crocheting he always uses my big balls of yarn for a pillow, and once I'm done, hes the first one to run over and lay on it lol. I told DH when I'm all done all the christmas stuff, I'll have to make Jake his very own blankie. aww and Luke's at such a cute age I love the two's and three's and congratulations on your new little grandson Valerie: Thank you so much Judy: mmm the spagetti sounds so yummy It's been so long since we've made home made spagetti, I might have to pick up some stuff to make it next time we get paid. Good luck with your animal graph square and glad it's been such nice weather, having a few nice days always makes you feel good Marlene: Thank you for the nice welcome, and the good luck wishes And thank you for the nice comments on the Afghan I hope she does. And hubby is finally starting to feel better, he's still losing his voice, and has a cough, but his asthma is starting to get better now. I'm sorry your son's going through a divorice though, but glad that his GF is getting along so well with everything, especailly the kids. And that's wonderful you get to spend so much time with your little grand daugther, and nice that you have so many children and grand children around aw and sorry your TV went out, but glad you managed to be able to pick up a new one. And sorry DD's tooth is so sore. I had a lot of dental work done just before we started trying for a baby and I know some of them took a long time to heal, hopefully she feels better soon
  3. Not too much going on here, the daycare kids are Monday to Friday, so I have weekends off, and just kind of relaxing today, hopefully I'll get some really good cleaning done on the rest of the house this weekend. I get inspected every month by the company who licenses my daycare so I have to keep the downstairs of our house really clean at all times, because that's where the daycare is, but I find because I put so much extra worry and care into the downstairs, the upstairs ends up getting cluttered. It's not normally really messy, but I've just let things get piled up, upstairs, and with getting our room cleaned up, and the babies room ready, it needs a really good swept through soon, and give some old clothes and things that we're not using away to good will, so hopefully I'll get on that today. Finished my mum's Christmas blanket last night I know it's nothing that fancy, I kept telling Dh I wasn't sure how it came out, but he thinks my mother will like it, and so hoping to get my Mother-in-laws blanket started today, and maybe search around my craft box and see if I can find my cross stitch stuff. I want to cross stitch a friendship quote for my best friend for Christmas, and like I said I'm hoping to get everything done before baby so I'm not rushing around finishing christmas projects with a little newborn just coming home. I'm only taking three weeks off from the daycare after I have the baby (since I'm a self business, I don't get maternity leave so we can't really afford for me to take too much time off, and I also don't want to leave the parents without care for too long) so I want to focus the whole three weeks on healing up and spending time with our new little boy. Judy: Thank you so much for the welcome and the congratulations I'm due December 3rd, so unless this little one goes early, he'll be a December baby too aw and that's so nice you and your husband have been married 45 years Me and my husband both always loved animals and working at the shelter was really nice, it was wonderful to be able to help so many animals. My hubby always knew he was in trouble when I would call up from the shelter and say "Don't say no right away, just think about it" because he knew the next thing to come out of my mouth was going to be a sob story about some poor animal that was either sick and the shelter couldn't afford to take it to the vet, which meant I would, or was old and no one wanted it, and I didn't want to see it live it's last year or two in a shelter. And although he would complain he would spoil them and love them all as much I did when I brought them home. I learned so much, and really enjoyed it, and I love caring for and spoiling all the furbabies we have now . aww and Sparkie and Lucy are adorable! What beautiful dogs, I love there colours, and they have the sweetest faces, I just want to give them a hug! lol Cindy: It's nice to meet you, thank you for the congratulations We're really excited, and sounds like you're probably really busy too, but that sounds wonderful And of course Sophie owns the house and everybody in it, I think that's the way it always works I'm sure she's totally adorable though, I love the coats on the Britney Spaniels. Congrats on finishing the slippers I have a pair of slippers in my knitting bag, that I started for my mum months ago, and then got into other thing's and never went back to it yet And it sounds like it was a great night, I love sitting by the fire And your patio sounds like it's going to look much better when you're all done, hope Dh can find the edging stones. Marisa: Thank you so much for the congratulations, we can't wait for our little boy And thank you for the congrats on working for my degree, I can't wait. The daycare kids were all making fun of me telling me I'm not supposed to be excited about school work lol but I told them I can't wait to start my first assignment on Monday. And the kid's do love all the animals, and the animals love them, our Lab Mix Jake mopes most Saturday and Sunday morning because he misses the kids when they're not here lol. And thanks Dh is getting better then he was at the first of the week, but he has asthma too so when a cough hits him hard, it usually takes him a little longer to recover, but it's getting better. Hope you have a fun weekend Mary: awww thanks so much for such a nice welcome We're really excited! We can't wait, its hard to believe how fast it's gone, just 12 more weeks until I'm due Good luck with all the household chores. It is nicer to get things done when it cools off some. Your fall Afghan is beautiful, I love the colours! Linda: Thank you for the welcome aw I'm sure your grandson is a cutie My mother can't wait for our little one to be born, it's my Dh's parents and my parents first grandbaby, so they're really excited too My grandmother taught me to crochet as well when I was a little girl. I'm so sorry you've been so sick though. It really is hard to stop and look after yourself, especailly when your so used to looking after everyone else, but I'm glad you have your friend there to help you, and hopefully you start to feel better soon, and as hard as it is hopefully you're slowing down and looking after yourself, and feeling better. Valerie: Thanks so much for the congrats, and the welcome I hope the skating fund raiser goes well!
  4. aww that's really pretty, I love how it turned out
  5. That came out so nice, I love those colours!
  6. aww too cute for Halloween I'm sure she'll be a hit at school in that
  7. awww too cute! I love the little bitty booties, and the bunny hat is too sweet
  8. daisydork


    That's beautiful! It came out really nice!
  9. Hi, I thought I'd just kind of jump in here, for anyone who didn't see my introduction, my names Angela, I'm 27, married to my amazing hubby Jesse who I've been with for the last 8 years, we're expecting our very first baby Decemeber 3rd, and recently found out, it's a little boy growing in there. We're sooo excited! He'll be our little William Samuel Louis (Samuel after my grandfather, and Louis after hubby's uncle). Me and my hubby Me with the most recent picture of the big ol' baby belly lol I run a daycare out of our home with six children, which it makes for busy days sometimes, but always interesting and usually lot's of fun. I'm also starting an online Early Childhood Education course through a local college on Monday. I have my Daycare Teaching Certificate right now, but am hoping to slowly course by course upgrade it to the university level through the people who license me (they'll pay $300 a year for me to upgrade my training so I hope to take a course each year over the next couple of years). Before becoming a daycare teacher, I worked at a local animal shelter and now we have a house full of furbabies that I rescued. They each were either sick, or for some reason or another couldn't find a home, and they always knew I was a soft touch (with an understanding hubby) and we would end up taking them home. Right now we have our Lab mix Jakie, three cats Bella, Liberty, and Scruffy, two ferrets Lucy and Zoey, our Chinchilla Bandit, our Whydah Finch Remmington, our Cornsnake Pumpkin, our Hermit Crabs Zoidburg, and Knuckles, a 65 gallon fresh water tank, a 40 gallon with our Jack Dempsey Cichlid Larry, and our 40 gallon salt water tank. I love them all, they really are my fur babies. (I have lots of pictures of everyone but I don't want to overload with too many pics) And now I'm going to stop rambling, but I love this post and look forward to getting to know everyone better, and now I should rest up, poor hubby has a bad cough, and I'm just getting over it, and trying not to let me and William get too run down and sick again and I'm going to finish sewing the last granny square onto my mums Christmas blanket. I'm making one for my mum, one for my MIL, and then a yellow Granny Square blanket for my Nanny for xmas, and hoping to get most of them done before baby comes. Cindy- I'm so sorry about your little great niece, I'll be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers. I love your baby blanket and mittens! They look great Judy- I LOVE your Shepherd, Lucy is goregous. My parents raised German Shepherds when I was a kid, and have a Golden Retrevier Molly and a Belgium Shepherd Ben at the moment, that our Lab Jake loves to play with. She's such a beautiful Shepherd, Lucys a cutie! Joanne- I'm so sorry, about the little 5 year old, I'll keep them in my prayers as well. Linda- that sounds awful, I'm so sorry you've been so sick I hope you continue on the mend and feel better soon. Marlene- I'm sorry about your hubby, but glad that you got some answers. I hope the new medication and the doctors suggetions help. And your poor DD. I had a bunch of dental work done before me and my husband started trying for our baby, and dental work is never fun, but glad she's doing well. It sounds like you have a good day set up for tomorrow, I hope you guys have fun! Marisa- thats wonderful about the sweater! Congratulations!
  10. These are really neat! I love how they came out!
  11. That's so cute! Might have to see if I can find a pattern for this one for my husband, and maybe one after our little boy is born.
  12. Hi, welcome to the board! I'm new here too, everyone seems really nice
  13. lilmama and Charis thanks so much for the congratulations. Me and my husband are really excited Thanks again everyone for all the warm welcomes, everyone here seems really nice
  14. Thanks so much for the warm welcome I look forward to learning even more about crocheting, seeing all the wonderful creations, and getting to know everyone
  15. Hi, My names Angela, I'm 27 years old and from Canada. I'm married to my amazing hubby Jesse, who I've been with for the last 8 years, and we're expecting our first baby in December 3rd yay We're really excited, we found out it's a little boy, who will our little William I'm a home daycare teacher and run a daycare out of my home with six children, and although it can make for busy days sometimes I love my job. I'm also taking online courses to upgrade my Daycare Teacher certificate to the university diploma. Well I was going to school to get my Daycare Certificate I worked at an animal shelter, and ended up rescuing a bunch of beautiful fur babies who also keep our house very interesting. I love crocheting,my Nanny and mother taught me as a young girl, but I had gotten out of doing it for a while, and just in the last year or so have really gotten back into it again (and now have all the daycare kids interested too lol). I only knew a few basic patterns they had taught me but didn't really know much else until I started searching around online, and have been watching online videos, and going on websites. Although I've learned lot's of new patterns, and it's really rekindled my love of crocheting, I'm still very pattern illiterate. I've been trying really hard to get better at reading patterns, but still become very easily confused. Besides crocheting, I also love reading, writing, photography, baking, knitting, cross stitching, camping, spending time outdoors, spending time in my husbands little fishing boat, and relaxing and spending as much time as I can with my hubby and our beautiful fur babies.
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