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  1. mdkb904

    Ponytail hat pattern

    I am making my own pattern but I need help. Color A is teal Color B is black Color C yellow Row 1with Color A Sc around hair elastic 22 join with sl st top of the first Sc. Row 2 color A chain2 *dc in the next st then 2 dc in the next st rep* then the last st change to color B. (33) Row 3 color B chain 2 * dc in the next 2 st then 2 dc in the next st rep* then the last st change to Color C .(44) Row 4 color C chain 2 * dc in the next 3 st then 2 dc in the next st rep* then the last st change to Color A.(55) so I don’t know what to do after Row 4 to keep the pattern going if any one can help it will be very helpful from Melissa
  2. I’m trying to make a ruffle scarf with this kind of yarn don’t know what kind of yarn it is or what kind of hook I should use
  3. I have one more question for everyone as you know I’m crocheting Preemie hats for a charity so I’m using purple yarn for shaking baby. The color is a lilac color but I was wondering what is a good purple color for a boy because I think the lilac is to light for a boy if any one can give me Suggestions that would be great
  4. What size hook should I use
  5. So can I use the pattern the granny square gave me
  6. The charity that I am making these for who wants a circumference 13 inches And the hat height 5 inches
  7. So it says for a Preemie 3- 3.5 the height is 4
  8. One more question how many rounds should I do
  9. Granny square thank you so much for your help
  10. What about the distracting edging because these hats are for baby’s in hospitals
  11. I don’t know if I can use distracting edging on these hats because I’m giving it to baby’s at hospitals what size hook should I use
  12. Granny square I’m sorry to bother you but what size hook can I use