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  1. mdkb904

    Ponytail hat pattern help

    After I finish round 3 can I pick up color A again
  2. mdkb904

    Ponytail hat pattern help

    X's and O's ponytail beanie and it’s on Ravelry
  3. mdkb904

    Ponytail hat pattern help

    question do you want me to send you the pattern so you can understand what I have to do
  4. I’m trying to make a ponytail hat and the patter says  Round 2: chain 2. Dc in same stitch as slip stitch, **2 Dc in next stitch, 1 Dc in next stitch** Repeat from ** around. Slip stitch to 1st Dc and change to color B (36 stitches. So my question is how do I change the color A to color B because in the next round it says to change back to color A and if anyone can help me message me back the picture I sent is round one Ps I don’t know if it should go in here or general help
  5. I have one more question for everyone as you know I’m crocheting Preemie hats for a charity so I’m using purple yarn for shaking baby. The color is a lilac color but I was wondering what is a good purple color for a boy because I think the lilac is to light for a boy if any one can give me Suggestions that would be great
  6. What size hook should I use
  7. So can I use the pattern the granny square gave me
  8. The charity that I am making these for who wants a circumference 13 inches And the hat height 5 inches
  9. So it says for a Preemie 3- 3.5 the height is 4
  10. One more question how many rounds should I do
  11. Granny square thank you so much for your help
  12. What about the distracting edging because these hats are for baby’s in hospitals
  13. I don’t know if I can use distracting edging on these hats because I’m giving it to baby’s at hospitals what size hook should I use