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  1. My name is Melissa I looking for a newborn baby booties and hat pattern for my cousin who is having a baby in November I will be using a hook size H or G if anyone can help me please send me a message from Melissa
  2. mdkb904


    This is what I was thinking about I am adding a picture of the boarder granny square
  3. mdkb904


    I think I should do a boarder around the blanket because it a baby blanket for a friend of mine here is a updated picture of the blanket from Melissa
  4. mdkb904


    Looking for a great pattern for a boarder for a single crochet baby blanket from Melissa Bosch ps I will be using the same color in the picture for the boarder
  5. I’m using a chart for a blanket that I’m working on so the white boxes on the chart are single crochet and then the blue boxes are double front post for odd row and double back post for the even rows so how do I work double front post and double back post on a single crochet row from Melissa
  6. here is a picture of the chart
  7. Really need help using a cursive T chart on a blanket that I’m working on don’t know if I should keep going with the letter H hook To make the letter T pop more or should I go up two hooks or Down to hooks to make it pop out
  8. mdkb904

    Steam block

    Question do you think if I did a boarder around the blanket will help the edges Curling
  9. mdkb904

    Steam block

    I am working on a baby blanket and I’m using Carson 1 pound yarn and Bernat baby velvet yarn So I was wondering if I could steam block the blanket after I’m done
  10. mdkb904

    Baby blanket

    40x60 single crochet stitch I’m using a hook size 5.00MM
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