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  1. mdkb904


    How does look
  2. mdkb904


    Question should I do two rows of single crochet then hdc or one
  3. mdkb904


    Thank you every one . So when I start the single crochet stitch should I go to the second chain for the third one since then I’m doing hdc from Melissa ps here is a picture of it twisting
  4. mdkb904


    Plus every time I try to do a single crochet stitch under both loops it twists what am I doing wrong
  5. mdkb904


    I’m making a blanket with 178 fountain chain and I want to do half double crochet stitch. Could I do single crochet stitch then the half double crochet stitch from Melissa
  6. mdkb904

    Baby bootie pattern help

    Here is the link to the booties http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/newbootie.html
  7. mdkb904

    Baby bootie pattern help

    You know what I found other pattern I can use thank you
  8. mdkb904

    Baby bootie pattern help

    It’s on bev’s country crochet website and every time I go in there I can’t get it
  9. I need help understand this pattern can someone please help me. Here is the pattern. Bottom of the bootie - bootie is made crocheting in the back loops ONLY throughout to make ridges. Ch 27 ROW 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. Ch 1, turn (26sc) ROW 2: Sc in each sc across row (26 sc), ch 1, turn. ROW 3-8: repeat row 2, except on row 8, don't ch 1 at the end, just turn. ROW 9 (forms the top of bootie): sl st in the first 5 sts, ch 1 (counts as one sc), and make 1 sc in the same st, sc in the next few sts leaving the last 4 sts unworked. Chain 1, turn ROW10-16:scineachscacross,ch1ateachendofrow, donotchain1atendoflastrow. (for the last 2 rows you can change colors if you wish) End off. Thanks in advance for the help
  10. mdkb904

    Dog blanket

    When I’m doing the seed stitch do I go threw the top loop or both loops of the foundation chain
  11. mdkb904

    Seed stitch

    For the seed stitch do I go under one loop or both loops on the foundation chain
  12. mdkb904

    What size hook

    So I’m trying to make a dog blanket and the yarn that it calls for is Carson 1 pound is four medium im using Bernat pet yarn is 5 bulk so what size hook should I use to make the blanket. And the pattern calls for size H hook
  13. mdkb904

    Dog blanket

    So the Carson 1 pound is four medium and the Bernat pet yarn is 5 bulk so I was going to use size I or J hook to do the blanket
  14. mdkb904

    Dog blanket

    I need help with a pattern it calls for Carson yarn but I want to use Bernat Pet yarn and it calls for a H hook can I use a size J hook instead of a Size H Chain (Ch) 90 (120). 1st row: [Right Side (RS)]. 1 single crochet (sc) in 2nd ch from hook. *1 double crochet (dc) in next ch. 1 sc in next ch. Repeat (Rep) from * to end of chain. Turn. 89 (119) stitches (sts). 2nd row: Ch 3 (counts as dc). *1 sc in next dc. 1 dc in next sc. Rep from * to end of row. Turn. 3rd row: Ch 1. 1 sc in first dc. *1 dc in next sc. 1 sc in next dc. Rep from * to end of row. Turn. Rep 2nd and 3rd rows for pattern (pat) until work from beginning (beg) measures 30 (40)" [76 (101.5) cm]. Fasten off.