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  1. Very cute.....Will make a great Valentine or Anniversary gift. Thanks for the pattern!
  2. Thanks for such a cute pattern....My daughter will love this!!
  3. Just finished my first two stuffed toys made with size 10 thread. Sorry about the pictures being fuzzy, my camera has been acting up lately. Blue one is 5" tall and white one is a little over 2" tall. Thanks for looking.
  4. I would love to test this pattern for you if you still need testers.
  5. That is so cute!! Thanks for the pattern! My girls will love this.
  6. LOL...Nah he didn't really have to drag me. I just like teasing him about it. We moved here from Spartanburg SC so it wasn't that much of a move but I'm glad we did move here. I was getting bored of SC and love it here in GA. Just hoping we can find a place of our own soon. Staying in a hotel for almost 6 weeks now is driving me a little crazy. Mainly cause I don't have room for all my yarns and things here. I just had to tell someone the good news! We're moving out of the hotel finally!!!!!!!! We found a house in Winder and should be moving this coming weekend! I am so happy. I thought it was gonna take forever to get out of this hotel. I'm so glad my kids wont have to spend Christmas in the hotel!!!
  7. Hi all! I just moved to GA about a month ago. BF got a really good job offer here and dragged me along. Right now we are staying in Braselton. Trying to find an apartment in the area but haven't had a lot of luck. Katt
  8. Finished!!! Only problem I ran into was with Row 18 of the Head and Body. I had to end with a sc dec instead of a sc. Other than that the pattern was very easy to follow and worked up very quickly. Thank you so much for letting me test this pattern.
  9. I dont know if this will help you any but I did a Google search and found this site. Hope it helps. http://www.berroco.com/239.246/246/246_prudence_pv.html
  10. That is just adorable. Im gonna have to make one for my little girl. I know she will love it. Thanks for the pattern.
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