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  1. Gorgeous Scarf, beautiful presentation Thank you I love the colors too!
  2. REALLY really neat! What a terrrific pattern thank you for sharing
  3. Crochetspot is great! I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks
  4. Ingenious - any child and those that are children at heart would love this!!! Thank you for sharing!!
  5. Truly beautiful again congratulations!
  6. Amazing I like they way the face turned out terrific handiwork and creativity thank you for sharing
  7. I luv these cuties halloween is my favorite time of year thanks for the early treat
  8. I after months of trying to remember my password ...I saw this sweet pattern ...magically it came to me...thank you for sharing this sweet suit reminds of my daughter's toddlerhood...we could not keep her out of the 36 inch diameter wading pool
  9. your patterns are so adorable i am easily overwhelmed and i am a visual learner so your tutorials are as good/great/wonderful as you creations thank you
  10. MEOW maybe this little kitty kat will inspire my daughter to try crchet again great kitty thank you for the pattern
  11. try clicking on the original link , copy the link from the url/address bar google web archive/ way back machine paste original link address in the search box this brings up a list of archive dates of sites pages the last three dates brought up the pattern for me:ccompute
  12. not only is your little one beautiful, the headband is a delicate halo and accentuates her sweetness...the design is gorgeous thank you for the pattern
  13. your work and the styles are winners i am sure you are helping many crocheters make little ones very happy astounding work brava
  14. Is it Christmas again?!!! Oh my gosh what a wonderful pattern...what a ...i don't know...thank you ...thank you for posting such a fantabulous patern
  15. darski" Your work is so great. and professional should design a doll and sell a set of patterns for her a parent who also crochet's I think you would do very well...really these outfits are terrific