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    I am the creator of Stitch11. I love writing crochet patterns but I also love all forms of art. From hooking to sketching and from sculpting to painting. I love it all.
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    My favorites are endless, could never just pick one.
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    Jan 2012
  1. Free Newborn Princess Hat Pattern <~ fun free pattern.. very rewarding to see finished <3
  2. Free 0-3 Month Frog Hat Crochet Pattern <~ Great for photo props!
  3. http://stitch11.com/lovely-lady-slouchy-hat/ <~~ My latest free pattern
  4. http://stitch11.com/autumn-child/ <--- my free pattern
  5. http://stitch11.com/hood-for-tots/ <-- my free pattern I tried adding a photo, not sure how other than the attachments
  6. Hello, I am new to the ville but so far I LOVE IT! My name is Corina and I own the site http://www.stitch11.com Be sure to check out all my free patterns I will be much more active once I learn this site a little better.
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