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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry, I haven't been on hear. Finishing up projects. And finishing up decorating for Christmas. Getting Cards in the mail. Mailing presents to my Son and His two Kids. Busy, Busy, Busy, that is me now a days. Tomorrow I gotta go help my sister at her house. Monday and Tuesday. I have to watch Her Husband's Mother. They have to go out of town. Me and my Sister teenage daughter will be there. We giggle a lot. We get along good. Me and Sara. Well it is raining here today and Cold out. It is suppose to get down to about 35 or colder tonight. Take care everyone. I will be crocheting some more gifts. If I can squeeze them in.Happy crocheting . Many and .
  2. Hey, I wanted to share with you all a picture of my Christmas Tree.
  3. Hi from the Mtns. of TN. We are happy to have ya.
  4. Hi ya, Welcome to Crochetville from the Mountains of Tennessee.Happy to have you with us
  5. Hey Ya'll, How you all been. I just thought I would drop in and say I have been busy making Christmas Gifts. So, haven't had much time to chat. It sure has been cold here. It was 29 degrees last night. Winter is for sure here. It will be about 30 degrees tonight. Only in the 50's during the day. Chat later.
  6. Good afternoon everybody. I went and spent the last two days with my Wonderful Mother. We had a good time. We usually sit and play rummy. And we crochet,watch her favorite shows. Lone ranger, Jean Autry. Black & White at that. That is OK. We still watch it and giggle. Mother always fixes us our favorite meal Which is Pizza. Homemade. Mmmm!
  7. Hey I need to ask prayer for my husband. On the 2nd. He will find out all the details about the surgery with his neck. And when it will be. After it heals up. He will have surgery on his lower back. So, please pray for him. Thanks everyone.
  8. Hey everyone, Update on my Nephew Bubba. He is now getting up walking baby steps. And he can move his right arm little more. His speech is getting clear. He has to do therapy. But the DR says, he should make a full recovery. Praise the Lord! Thanks for the prayers,
  9. Thank you everyone that is praying for my Nephew Bubba. I appreciate ya. And update. He is talking very little. Can't drink nothing yet. And he can move the right arm some. We praise the Lord. Thank you all. It will take time. But he is slowly getting better.
  10. I haven't no luck in selling on Facebook. I even have a crochet page. Nobody buys. Not yet, anyways But I keep it there. And some day hopefully they will buy something. All You can do is try.
  11. Hey, My nephew and family needs prayers. Today my Nephew "Bubba" age 42 had a stroke. He is in bad shape. Could you all pray that he gets better. Thanks.
  12. Thanks Linda, There is only 2 of us. Would need 4 servings.
  13. Yeah Linda I like to have that broccoli,rice recipe. Thank you
  14. Hey, does anyone of you all. Have a recipe for a Squash Casserole and a Broccoli Casserole. I can look on google. But this one don't have saltine crackers in it. I am not sure if it has bread crumbs or stuffing. Also it had some kind of soup. Not sure either. Mushroom or Cream of Celery. And the other recipe had crackers in. I think. Anyways. Does anyone know of a good recipe for these two. I would appreciate if you do. Thanks!
  15. Thanks Linda. It happens a lot to me. I think I still get my days and nights mixed up.
  16. Hey, A big Welcome from TN. Glad to have Ya!
  17. Good Morning You All! Its 1:30 AM. I couldn't sleep. So I thought I would catch up on things. How everyone doing?
  18. Thanks you all. I am really glad you like it. I am going to try to make another an sell one. What you all think?
  19. Finally got my version of the Yoda Doll done. It took me awhile. With Mother's surgery and all But here he is.
  20. I am praying for all you that are in the storm and got flooded.
  21. Welcome to Crochetville. We a so happy you could join us. Th numbers in () are the different sizes you can make.
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