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  1. I like 6" squares. Any colors. Pastels are my favorite colors. I have got enough red ,orange, greens, and blues. I don't have many pinks, purples, whites, yellows. Or muti-colors. Any of these colors would be fine. I thank you all for squares. My afghan is getting bigger. Hopefully it can go on my bed soon. I need another warm blanket. I have a cold trailer in the winter. Especially in our room.
  2. Hey Ya'll Good afternoon Thanks for prayers. Headaches has let up. Hope it stays that way.
  3. Good Morning Everyone I just wanted to hello to you all . It is suppose to another warm day. I need prayers this time. I feel I am asking for to many prayer request. But I have been having migraines. And if any of you all have migraines. You know what it is like.I wasn't going to say nothing for myself. But I just get rid of these migraines. I have had them going on 3 weeks now. I was suppose to be helping my sister out. But I can't. Because of these migraines. So, please say a prayer for me. I hate to keep asking for prayers. It seems that is all I do anymore. Sorry everyone. Thanks everybody for your prayers.
  4. My Brother-In-Law showed some more signs of improvements for the past two days. I Praise the Lord. Thanks for You all Prayers. The Prayers are being answered.
  5. Owlvamp could you pm with your address. I will like to help.
  6. Well I have bad news. My Brother-In-law has real bad back set. He had to go back on respirator. A Trach put in his throat. And he only opened his eyes once. Also they are moving him to long term care. To another Hospital to far for my Sister to travel. It will cost more gas money. That she don't have. So, please keep praying. Hoping for good news soon. Thanks for all the prayer have gave us. Sorry to bother you all again for more praying. But she needs all the prayers she can get.
  7. Happy late Birthday Tribble and Howieann. Sorry it is so late.
  8. Update on brother in law . Tonight my brother in law opened his eyes, lifted his head twice. That was such good news. It may be a tiny move. But that is a prayer answered. It is a slow start. He moved!
  9. Hey, Update on brother in law. They figured out what was making him so bad off. He can't respond to nothing. He is on respirator. He has an infection in the spine. It is in his blood stream. It is an wait and see situation. He is on really strong antibiotic. They still need your prayers. Thanks for all your prayers.
  10. Well I am just have sitting here crocheting. Watching TV. Going to have good old chicken for supper tonight. No one still hasn't heard from Katy? I haven't either. I am really worried about her. I have sent several message to her. No reply, yet. It has been warm here. Up in the 60's. Believe that. In Jan. We suppose to all ready had snow by now. And usually real cold weather. Do you all think maybe Katy's PC may have broke or something like that. I just hope she is OK.
  11. Everyone my Sister's hubby needs prayer. He fell and hit his head. Now he can't remember who he is or anybody else. So, please pray for them. Appreciate you all.
  12. Thanks everyone. I am working on putting al my squares together. It is turning out so pretty. Thanks for all the squares I have. It is turning out to make a beautiful throw blanket.
  13. Hey my hubby got the staples out. He is back to his self. Yes!
  14. Hi ya'll, It is cold out. We got snow. It has been only 7 degrees over here. During the day. Finally today it got up to 25. And tonight it is going to down to just 20. It snow from Thurs. to Sat. Now today it started to melt. Not much. How is everyone doing. Me, I have finally got some rest. And Hubby is doing a little better. He Must be. He is watching Wheel of Fortune. One of his favorite shows. So, I know he is. Thank the Lord. This Wed. He get the staples out. Then he will be on the road to a full recovery. Thanks everyone for praying for him. I am thankful for you all. Happy crocheting Take care.
  15. Hey everyone, My husband has come thru his surgery real good. Thanks you all for your prayers. He is recovering real well. He goes This Wed. to get staples out of the back of his neck.
  16. Everyone, I didn't have time to ask you ahead of time. But my husband had surgery on back of his neck yesterday. They DRS had to remove some his bones in his neck. They were bruised. And causing him to be dizzy and have swelling around his spine. We are at home. And Thank the Lord. He made it through his surgery. With no problems. He needs your prayers. He will have to get a lot of rest. He is not eating nothing right,now. Hopefully by tomorrow he will be eating some soup or broth. Clear liquids. He is drinking plenty of water. It is so hard on him. He isn't resting to good. Every little noise he hears wake him. And we have a noisy neighborhood. So, please pray for him to get rest and get well. I would appreciate very much. Thank you all.
  17. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Everyone. Hope you all ha a very nice Christmas.
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