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  1. Hey everyone, thought I would pop in. Let you all know I am doing good. Everything went good with my test. Now I am waiting on the results on my MRI I had done on my head. I have clusters of cysts on my brain. The DRS. Have to see if they have grown any since last year. That is what causes me to have migraines. Well how is everyone doing? I like all the pretty squares. I got my afghan almost done. I just got to put a few more squares that I have on it. It is so beautiful. Take care everyone. Love Arlene
  2. Hi, everyone Just checking in to let you know Me and my Hubby are doing good. It has been hot here too. Been crocheting a lot to catch up on my projects. Well you all have a good day. Take care. I can't take pictures right now of my projects. Got to get another card for my camera. Chat later. Take care
  3. Hey everyone, thought I would just pop in to say hi. Things are going better. Hubby is doing good. Got out to mow yard yesterday. But it rained. So, next sunny will get yard mowed. Glad to hear from all of you. Thanks for prayers. I have been working on some crochet project. The little dolls turned out good. Now I am working on a throw blanket. The lady that I am doing it for. Well she wants it black and red. It look pretty. Take care everyone. Happy crocheting.
  4. Hey everyone. I am feeling better. Sorry that I been out so long. Well I got well. Then husband had to go to hospital for week. Have been taking of my husband. He is doing better. But still not well, completely. He has to take antibiotics for 6 months to a year. They make him very tired. Just need prayers. I will get on here when I can. I miss chatting with everyone. I got a lot of catching up to do. Well take care everyone. Will check in from time to time. Arlene
  5. Hey, everyone I thought I would just pop in. I am on a bland diet. It makes me feel weak. I sleep a lot. When I feel like it I will check back in. All I can eat is like pudding, jello. Some times I eat baked chicken. I have to drink just water. And apple juice. Well I am going to lay back down. I will check back in later. I sit in my chair and I do crochet a little. When I feel like it. Take care everyone.
  6. Hey everyone. I am still sick. I just wanted to pop in. See how everyone is doing. I am a little better. Go back to DR on May 19. I will stay in touch when I feel good, again. Gotta go. Feeling tired.
  7. Thanks everyone for prayers. I still don't know when I can get an appt. I am trying to get on. But they just want call me.
  8. I feel a little better. But I still have not been able to get in to see a GI doctor yet. My side and stomach hurts so bad, I can't get up and walk. I have to sit with heating pad on me. Or stay in bed. Hopefully soon I can get in to see the DR.
  9. Mary Jo, thanks You did brighten my day. I love all three gifts you sent. Especially the doll. It is adorable. Sorry no picture. But I just didn't like taking any. Thank you so much.
  10. Yes, I need your prayers. I do have some intestine problems. I have to go to a specialist to see what is going on. Thanks everyone.
  11. I have a queen size bed. That is what I am surprising my husband with. When I get it done. I know it will be heavy. But it sure will keep us warm at nights. I just love it. It will be the prettiest blanket I have. And I don't mind that it is heavy to put together. When I get it done. My husband will love it. Thanks everyone
  12. Thanks Brenda. I would appreciate that. I think about 10 squares across and 8 squares down. About 6 or 7 more rows should do. I am almost done. Not to far to go.
  13. Update on my Sister in Law. She is over the pneumonia. She is now up walking down the hall of hospital. Eating good. They may release her Monday. Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate you all. Thank you for liking my blanket. I just need to about 6 more row and it will be done. And it is very pretty. Thank you all. Can I crochet anyone some squares? Please let me know what colors.
  14. Hey Here is a picture of my blanket so far. It is about 4" x 5". It i is big enough for a throw blanket. And it is so pretty. Thanks everyone for the squares.
  15. Thank you Carole for the Birthday Squares. The are so pretty. I like the multi-colored one. Also the are purple. I need 6" squares if anyone send me some. That is what I am collecting. Thank you all for sending me squares.
  16. Thanks for all the prayers. I appreciate each one of you all. No, not quite enough squares yet. Maybe about 6 to 8 more rows.Very close. Thanks everyone.
  17. Good Morning Everyone, I hate to keep bringing bad news. But I need prayers again. My Sister n Law has A1 Pneumonia. She went in hospital 2 days ago with bronchitis. I just found this morning it is Pneumonia. That is the worst kind of it you can get. Please say a prayer for her. And 2 daughters. Thank you. Arlene
  18. Hey Everybody, It is good to hear you are feeling better Katie. I am feeling good for a change. Things are calming down. And getting back kinda back to normal. Go pay bills, go grocery store. The usual things you have to do. Cleaning house today on this beautiful sunny day. May get outside a little. Have a little gardening I need to do. Well everyone have a great day! I plan on it. I mostly wanted to say And see how everyone else was doing. Catch up on things on here. Take care. Have a Nice day.
  19. Thanks for prayers. Thanks Lea for sending me a pkg.Thanks Everyone for their prayers.
  20. Thank you for praying for my family. Thank you for the Birthday squares. They are very pretty.
  21. Update on Brother in law- He passed away today at 2:30 Thank you all for all your prayers. My sister still needs your prayers.
  22. Hello from the MTS of TN Glad to have ya!
  23. Hey Everyone, Sounds like everybody busy. I am not too busy. I just cleaning house. Enjoying this beautiful weather. Its in the 70's here. And the daffodils are up here too. They are so pretty. We have been running our air during the day. Heat at night. Strange weather we are having. I am baking cinnamon rolls. I am going to have one with some coffee for lunch. Maybe some fruit to go with that. Well Everyone take care. Still need prayers. Love you all
  24. Hey Katie, It is so good to have you back. Hope you keep getting better. We all missed you so much. It felt strange you wasn't on here with us. But now you are back. I wanted to tell you .Take care . Get some rest. I am so happy are back. Glad you like your afghan. Love ya. Arlene
  25. Oh, I meant to tell ya I am feeling so much better. My headaches are gone. I praise the Lord. Things are getting better here. Thanks for all your prayers. Brother in law is doing better.
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