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  1. Hey everyone. It turned out to be a nice cool day out. I have been I spring cleaning all day. Found somethings I forgot I put up. Old age getting to me I guess. See everyone seem ok. well chat later Just wanted to drop in and say HI
  2. Hey Everyone, Glad to see everyone is ok. Glad have you back Katie. It's been hot here during the day. And cool at night. Just popping in to say HI. You all have a good evening.
  3. Katie I will start my cleaning my junk room either today or tomorrow. No, your not boring. It's raining. It's been raining on for two days. we had a storm last night. I have been drawing Or trying to learn to draw. I'm not giving my crocheting up. Just taking a break.Maybe I will share some of my pictures on here. If anyone wants to see them. Well I guess I ran out of things to say. So chat with you all later.
  4. Hey Today is a pretty day. The sun is shining. A little cool this morning. But it soon warmed up to the 70's. I have been cleaning. I gotta start doing what Katie's a doing. Cleaning stuff out of my cabinets. Also my junk room. It has done got piled up again. It will be a job when I start. But just to get started is the problem.Well I think I will start this Tues. Today I swept and mopped the floors. Clean around in my bedroom. Well you all take care. Love you all.
  5. Good morning. Hope each and everyone of you are staying warm. And dry. Which ever the case may be. I just wanted to drop in to say
  6. It's hard to believe we got one more day in 2018. I'm looking forward to 2019. A brand year. And I'm going to find more new patterns. Also come up with patterns of my own. Hopefully. Anyways. I just feel like 2019 will be a good year. Love you all.
  7. I just thought I would drop in and say hi. And see how everyone is doing. I'm doing good. I been crocheting a lot to get them Christmas presents done. Well take care everyone. Love Arlene
  8. Just dropped in to say hi, Miss you all. Sorry I haven't been on here. I been having health problems. They are running test after test. Can't seem to find out what's wrong yet. But I have to stay in bed a lot. So I sit in bed try to crochet. I do manage to get some crocheting done, I crochet a mermaid doll, and 2 panda bears. I like to you all the pictures of them if I can get them off my android phone on my PC. Well I love you all Have a great weekend. Maybe I can get back on here soon. Love Arlene
  9. Hi everyone, Just dropping in to say hello. I just came off of vacation. My sister took me to Orlando,Fla. I had an exciting time. We walked a lot. And non stopped gigging. We stayed in a beautiful place called Bluegreen Fountain Resort. We had 15 people with us. And they were all family. Also we visited the aquarium in Orlando. It was such a good vacation. I could ramble on and on about it. Because this was my first real vacation in a long time with my family. Most of them, anyways. Also, first time I have been to beaches. We went to Clearwater beach, Coco beach. Sorry I haven't got pictures to show you. Because I can't figure out how to get them off my android phone to my computer. Without a USB cord. I don't have one.
  10. snowbear


    Do you have the pattern for the owl
  11. I just wanted to touch base with you all. I am feeling really good. We have had rain most of this month. Or it's partly cloudy. Can't wait to see some sunshine. It's been up in the 80's here in E Tn. I see some you all are good and some are not. I will pray for you all. Take care you all. Love Arlene
  12. Happy Birthday everybody that had one in Dec. Update on my Mother. She is slowly up walking with a walker. They just started it today. She is excited. I am proud of my Mother. She is trying very hard to walk and get better. Her birthday is Jan. 4. She will be 87. Mother hopes to be home before then. I am not sure. But she is doing good. Thanks for all the prayers. And she says, Thank you. We had a wonderful Christmas. Got some pretty skeins of yarn for Christmas. My sister got me 3 of the prettiest colorful yarn you ever seen. Thanks everyone. You all are a blessing.
  13. Hey everyone. I need prayers for my 86 yrs old Mother. She fell Friday. And broke her hip in 2 places. She already went through surgery. She done good. Now they got to get her up to start walking. It is hard on her. Her bones are soft. She will stay in hospital for a day or two longer. Then be sent to rehab for them to work with her there. Hopefully she will work with them. And they can work with her. Its so hard on her. So [lease say a prayer for her.
  14. Thank you Ladies for the good ideas. Well I found out what she needed. My other sister. Said she needed dress shirts. So, I got one of those. I do some of the stuff on your idea list and give it away for Christmas. Like the Bath beads, shower stuff, etc. Thanks again. Merry Christmas Arlene
  15. Hey everyone. Its me Snowbear. It looks like everyone is having cold weather. It is down 19 tonight at my house in East Tn. We got 6" of yesterday. It suppose to snow tomorrow. On top of what we already have. It is only going up to 33 tomorrow (Sun). Well it is 12:20 am already Sun. I couldn't sleep. So I thought I would check my email. And check in with you all. I have been a lot. Mostly Christmas presents for my family. Well You all stay warm. Merry Christmas every one.
  16. Hey, I need advice. I have a sister that is very picky. She has got appliances, other things for the kitchen. Don't dishtowels,etc. I've crochet her stuff. She don't want no more crochet things. OK what does a person get a picky person. She has clothes. Blankets,etc. Anyone have any ideas.
  17. Hey ya'll I am still here. I just have had a lot to do. Been busy crocheting. And a lot of other things. Hopefully I am back. If I am welcome back that is. Hope so. How is everyone doing. We had a good Thanksgiving. Just me and Hubby. We still had a good day. Well everyone take care. Arlene
  18. Mary Jo, I liked your crochet pickles. They are cute. I really like your Angels. They are so beautiful. Also I listened to the Angels Among Us Video Tribute. That song was so touching. And beautiful.
  19. In the crochet tea cups I am putting little flowers in them. That is what I was trying to say.
  20. Hey everyone, Looks like everyone is doing good. I am. I am still crocheting a lot. Wish I could take pictures to show you all what I am making. But I couldn't get a camera card yet. Maybe soon. I have been making little tea cups, putting in them. They are so cute. Also making roses. Two different colors. Then I have been taking little flower pot crochet a cover over it. Then add brown for dirt. Then add flowers. There you go. You got flowers You don't have to water. At least they don't die on ya. Sure wish I could share the pictures with you all. I am making this stuff for our Apple festival in Oct. I have a place in it. Take care everyone. Arlene
  21. Hey everyone I am still here. Doing good. Husband is finally well. Just trying to stay cool. It is about 92 here in E Tn. We got out tomatoes plants out. Some of them. We got more to set out. The reason I haven't been chatting to much. I have busy crocheting. And doing plastic canvas work. I can't take pictures, right now. I have to get another card for my camera. Then I can. Well take care everyone. Arlene
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