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    Hey I'm snowbear, I joined awhile back. I would like to back to the forum. Is that ok.
  2. How to change colors in a crochet piece. So you don't have knots in your work. Also, how to change colors at the end of row. without tying your yarn in a knot and cutting it to change colors. HELP PLEASE!
  3. hi, I looking for Indian afghan, I need something different to crochet.
  4. i am looking for a pattern to make caps for men with beals:)
  5. i still haven't found any crochet flower vases any size thank you for trying but if anyone a pattern for one i do appreciate you snowbear:cheer
  6. does any one have East Tn. letter T that goes on hat, etc.
  7. help! i need free crochet patterns for flower vases. can any one help me thanks snowbear:P
  8. free pattern for a dutch iris eye of tiger
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